Many chartplotters and GPS/fishfinder combos including the Garmin echoMAP series, Raymarine Dragonfly Pro, Lowrance Elite, Simrad GO7 and B&G Vulcan are not compatible with radar. In general, multifunction displays can operate a radar unit, while smaller or more basic combos—especially those intended for inland fishing applications—cannot. The Pro M is a windshield mounted radar detector featuring GPS lockouts for false alerts, red light/speed camera database with free lifetime updates, amber OLED display, firmware updates, and more. And with a blazing fast quad core processor, a super bright IPS display, and the smart LightHouse OS, Axiom Pro delivers a fluid and intuitive navigation experience. Axiom Pro is easy to expand into an advanced navigation network that includes multiple Axiom displays, CHIRP radar, Evolution autopilot, FLIR thermal night vision technology, and more.

WiFi Radar Pro

WiFi Radar Pro is a multifunctional WiFi management and monitoring highly optimized for the Mac devices only. It is a kind of WiFi charting tool for your Mac devices as using this standalone tool you can overcome all of your wireless issues because it is a master in all these. This simple to use tool will make it simple for you to identify and troubleshoot WiFi related issues at all of your locations. It will also make it possible for you to get the useful information about your network performance as well. If you are simply searching for or looking for a replacement for your existing WiFi management tool than WiFi Radar Pro is a tool for that purpose. It is an idea for many reasons. First of all its interface is user-friendly. It is suitable for all kind of usage and offers live monitoring for all available networks. It knows how to assist you in a better way.

#1 Lizard Systems WiFi Scanner


Lizard Systems WiFi Scanner is a multi-purpose scanning and troubleshooting tool designed for different WiFi-related issues conveniently. This simple to use tool allow its users to easily locate entire visible WiFi networks and their corresponding information in a systemized way. This tool first tracks the network name, signal strength, signal quality, MAC address, channel information, maximum and achievable data rate, security information, and other similar content.

The scanning system of this tool has made it possible to be used for normal accessing of pints and finding out the signal strength distribution for the WiFi network in any area. It also assists the user to track the best location for installing a router inside the home for better network connectivity.


#2 NetSurveyor


NetSurveyor is an all-in-one network diagnosing and troubleshooting tool for Windows operating systems. This tool also functions as a network discovery tool that collects all nearby located WiFi access points and displays the entire information in a most useful way. Its usage style is similar to most network troubleshooting tools.

The data found by this tool will be presented to you in multiple ways using diagnostic views and charts. The data collected can also be recorded for extended periods as well. It allows the users to get reports generated in PDF format. It offers innovative and powerful logging and recording capability if multiple WiFi connections are installed into your system.

#3 AirGrab WiFi Radar


AirGrab WiFi Radar is a WiFi scanning tool used to show information about Apple AirPort based stations and other similar WiFi connections and access points. This simple to use tool is known to handle multiple WiFi channels and select an optimal channel for the WiFi network. The Noise and Signal Level of this tool will help you diagnose common network problems and optimally position the base station or PC to achieve the best signal strength.

It also serves to get the network’s encryption status and shows all modes of available wireless networks. AirGrab WiFi Radar is being offered in both the free and paid version. The free version contains limited features and functions.


#4 Connectivity Fixer

Wifi radar protection

Connectivity Fixer has the solution for all the issues of WiFi connection. It is, in fact, a recovery and repairing tool that works as a means for fixing internet connectivity problems. Whatever error you are facing at the moment, this tool knows how to deal with it. This internet monitoring tool will keep an eye on all of your network connectivity-related issues so that you can get a better insight into the working of your WiFi connections.

If you face the issues like limited internet connection, no connectivity error, IP address conflict, no network available, or any other type of error, then Connectivity Fixer is a tool that knows how to monitor, analyze and fix these errors. This application can also be used to solve several other issues, like repairing Flush DNS Resolver Cache, restoring hosts files, resetting Windows firewall, repairing DNS problems, repairing even browser issues, and much more.

#5 KisMAC


KisMAC is a network discovery tool for the Mac operating systems that offers its users many features and functions. It is meant to get detailed information about the network connection you are currently using. It will assist you in different ways by allowing you to get the information about hidden and cloaked network connections, getting information about logged-in clients, signal strengths, mapping and getting GPS support, and drawing area for maps network coverage.

Furthermore also supports PCAP import and export systems, supports many types of internet connections, deals with different attacks against encrypted networks, and much more. This simple tool virtually scans networks on supported cards, including AirPort Extreme, Apple AirPort, and many other third-party cards supported by the Mac OS X operating systems.

#6 Wireshark


Wireshark is a WiFi troubleshooting tool that will allow you to go deep inside the architecture of your WiFi connection. This most downloaded WiFi and network protocol analyzer permits its users to see what is going on in their network at the microscopic level. If you have a lot of traffic, you need a virtually rich tool, it has one of the most accomplished and powerful analyzers, allowing you to access even large PCAP files instantly, then it is your perfect choice.

Wireshark is the answer to all your troubleshooting issues in the Wi-Fi network. This tool will troubleshoot the problems, quickly identify the programs running on the network, and monitor the virtual machine traffic.

#7 Wi-Fi SweetSpots

Wifi Radar Projector


Wi-Fi SweetSpots is a PC and smartphones based WiFi monitoring, troubleshooting, and managing tool. With this simple tool, its users can easily get advanced and detailed analytics of their WiFi connection. These detailed analytics will help them in optimizing both extended and existing WiFi networks. If you want to analyze the speed of WiFi connection fluctuation over time, locate both fast and slow WiFi spots in your area, or want to find the perfect spot to place the WiFi router, this tool has the solution for all of the issues.

This simple to use tool is also available with VoiceOver and recommended for those who have to deal with many WiFi connections at once. It is time to get rid of all those tools which are still offering a traditional way of services. Start using Wi-Fi SweetSpots and get a perfect solution.

#8 Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector


Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector is the standard for assisting people in finding the solution to all of their Wi-Fi-related issues. The smart technology involved in this WiFi tool will let you complete control over the network’s internal structure. Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector is an entirely free tool, and to use this; you do not need to be an expert at all.

The user-friendly interface of this application will let you master it within few days. This free and premium-based WiFi checking tool is designed for Windows and Mac operating devices to assist you with your Wi-Fi needs. This tool allows you real-time monitoring of WiFi network status, traffics information, clients data, detecting rogue access points, getting high performance from the network, and reducing IT burden using easy-to-use troubleshooting tools.

#9 Vistumbler


Vistumbler is an open-source WiFi detector, scanner, and troubleshooter. It is, in fact, a kind of WiFi database that will allow you to easily keep track of entire access points available in your area, with signal graphs and statistics. Right now, it is available for all versions of the Windows operating system and offers great support for GPS and COM-based NMEA services as well.

It also lets you import and export access points from Vistumbler VSI, TXT, VSZ, Netstumbler TX, and Text NSI. The live Google Earth Tracking feature of this tool will automatically help you to get the information about access points into your area. You need to remember that don’t forget to disconnect all access points while scanning for networks.

#10 WiFi Explorer


WiFi Explorer is a highly advanced WiFi scanner, finder, analyzer, and problem fixer. It will get itself synchronized with your device’s WiFi adapter, and after that, you can manage the complete operation of your WiFi connection. This is also a recommended tool for identifying overlapping, channel conflicts, network configuration issues, and such issues affecting wireless networks’ performance or connectivity.

It has succeeded by providing the best possible solutions that any normal WiFi user can face. The features and functions added to it are, providing manufacturer information, MAC address, AP name of certain Aruba and Cisco devices, security mode, support for all data rates, graphical visualization of channel allocation, availability of multiple storing and filtering options and much more.

#11 NetStumbler


NetStumbler is a multifunctional wireless networking tool that, in addition to finding the WiFi connection in the local area, used as a means for WiFi troubleshooting and analyzer as well. If you are thinking about where to place a WiFi router in the office or home so that every connected user can get the maximum signals, this tool provides a solution.

The other features and functions of NetStumbler are wardriving, verifying network configurations, scanning locations with poor signal strength in WLAN, detecting issues of wireless interference, detecting rogue access points, aiming directional antennas for extended haul WLAN links, and much more. The interface is very user-friendly that assists the users with no technical knowledge at all. The tool contains no cost at all. You must give a chance to this tool for fixing all of your WiFi-related issues.

#12 Acrylic WiFi


Acrylic WiFi is a free-to-use WiFi and channel scanning tool for Windows operating devices only. It claims to offer standard services that its competitors don’t. This tool can be used to access points visualization, frequency, signal levels, security mechanisms, and even WiFi passwords for Windows devices.

This simple WiFi analyzer is really a powerful one to help you get real-time WLAN information. This tool’s plugin system will assist you in getting information regarding access points, signal level, knowing names of the devices, passwords and default WPS keys, WiFi channels scanning, the security system of the WiFi connections, and much more.

#13 NetSpot


NetSpot is WiFi management and analyzing tool used to visualize the WiFi connection, run the WiFi site surveys, and analyze WiFi signals’ strength on the Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. This will help you enhance the WiFi signal strengths, boost network speed, and make it possible for you to find high-speed and secured WiFi connections in public places.

Above all, it is an entirely free-to-use tool that doesn’t require any expert skills. All you need is to install this tool on your system, and after that, you are all set to get full command over your WiFi. The additional advantage of using NetSpot is that it specializes in locating and eliminating rogue access points and avoids the cross-channel interface.

#14 AirMagnet Wifi Analyzer


AirMagnet Wifi Analyzer is an industry-standard WiFi troubleshooting tool to monitor WiFi activities, analyzing, mobile monitoring, WiFi auditing, and much more. In short, this small-sized tool contains all kinds of solutions against the issues faced by your WiFi network.

With this tool’s usage, you will be getting a real-time monitoring system so that you can enjoy the independent analysis of WiFi connections with real-time and accurate data. It will analyze the entire WiFi architecture without missing any traffic at all. In addition to all these features, it will also track the source of the WiFi network problems faster and accurately without any AP downtime at all.

#15 Wifi Analyzer


Wifi Analyzer is a best in the class and probably one of the most accomplished WiFi management tools available tool over the internet. It is being offered for both PC and mobile users. With the usage of this tool, your management level over your WiFi connections will start moving to the next level. It will assist you in many ways from WiFi troubleshooting to finding a less crowded channel for the wireless router. This simple tool will let you turn your Windows PC into a Wifi analyzer and after that start controlling every section of your WiFi connection. Wifi Analyzer is at the moment available in the free and professional versions. The free version of Wifi Analyzer comes with five days trial period only, and after that, the users need to go for the premium version if they want to keep using this tool.

#16 inSSIDer


inSSIDer is a tool that is used for WiFi troubleshooting or optimizing. Using this simple solution, you can easily overcome all the issues of your WiFi connection. This small tool will give you new management, command, and control over your entire WiFi connection.

The main advantage of using this tool is that it is based on a custom USB spectrum analyzing system. That’s why it offers the best possible solution for troubleshooting WiFi issues. With the usage of this simple tool, you will be able to deal with the issues related to low signal strength, poor channel placement, and RF interference, and much more.

#17 WiFi Map


WiFi Map – Free Passwords and Hotspots is a free to use mobile application that allows you to enjoy free Wi-Fi everyday everywhere. The application is developed by WiFi Map LLC and has millions of users around the world who can use it to enjoy free Wi-Fi.

It is a powerful app that also allows you to learn new Wi-Fi-related tips, filter the nearest Wi-Fi around you and you can add Wi-Fi hotspots around you. WiFi Map haste the world’s largest community where users around the world share their experience.

To enjoy its service, first, you need to download and install it into your mobile device, learn its guide and enjoy all its features without any limitations. The app includes core features such as 100 million free Wi-Fi, map and lives with a password, social community, and worldwide free offline cities, etc. Overall, WiFi Map is one of the best free apps that helps you enjoy free Wi-Fi.

#18 Wi-Fi Fixer


Wi-Fi Fixer is a free background service that works around several problems regarding the Android Wi-Fi, developed in the market by Zanishin-g1. Wi-Fi Fixer is a free service that you can modify and redistribute it under the terms of the GNU, as published by the Free Software Foundation. It intuitively boosts low signals and prevent disconnections in a way like never before.

You can precisely tune the Access Point’s settings of your Wi-Fi to minimize disconnections and detects and attempt to recover when these problems are detected. The app precisely read known issues in the built-in documentation of the app.

It is an open-source project for you to manage plenty of amazing stuff regarding the mobile phone’s Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi Fixer app shows all the Wi-Fi connections, known network in range, but bot detected the best available network and plenty of valuable data regarding Wi-Fi.

#19 WifiKill


WifiKill is an application that allows the user to know which devices are connected to the WiFi network, which the user is managing. The platform not only gives the details of the devices connected with the network, but users can also view what they are downloading.

It comes with a simple interface that allows users to view the complete list of devices connected with the network with their corresponding IP and name. WifiKill allows the network manager to see what pages users are visiting and how much amount of data they are downloading.

The application is an active source to spy on those people who are using the same network and even let parents keep an eye on their kids’ activities on the internet. WifiKill enables the users to disconnect any devices which are connected to the network directly from the app. Lastly, it is compatible with all tablets and Android phones.

#20 Nethogs


Nethogs is a network monitoring tool for Linux, which allows users to monitor network traffic in real-time. It can view all the networking interfaces on the system and can view the bandwidth usage per process on the system in real-time. Moreover, it is an open-source command-line program and groups the bandwidth by process instead of breaking it into protocols.

The official package repository of Ubuntu can install the platform, and they can install it with the APT package manager. Furthermore, the software should start when it is launched, and it displays the user and PID information on the interface.

Nethogs come with different display modes, and users can select which one they want in the interface, such as whether they want processes in bytes or kilobytes. Moreover, users can see the total kilobytes which are being used, and it keeps the information updated automatically.


Axiom Pro is engineered for captains that want it all. Available with RealVision 3D, 1kW CHIRP sonar, and Raymarine HybridTouch control, Axiom Pro is the new standard for “all-in-one” display. And with a blazing fast quad core processor, a super bright IPS display, and the smart LightHouse OS, Axiom Pro delivers a fluid and intuitive navigation experience. Axiom Pro is easy to expand into an advanced navigation network that includes multiple Axiom displays, CHIRP radar, Evolution autopilot, FLIR thermal night vision technology, and more.

Axiom Pro Model Line Up


9' Display available with:

  • RealVision 3D and 1kW CHIRP Sonar (Pro RVX)
  • Single channel CHIRP sonar (Pro S)


12.1' Display available with:

  • RealVision 3D and 1kW CHIRP Sonar (Pro RVX)
  • Single channel CHIRP sonar (Pro S)


15.6' Display available with:

  • RealVision 3D and 1kW CHIRP Sonar (Pro RVX)
  • Single channel CHIRP sonar (Pro S)


Not sure which Axiom Pro model is right for you? Compare key features and specs...

ModelsAxiom Pro 9Axiom Pro 12Axiom Pro 16
Display Size9' IPS Optically Bonded LCD12.1' IPS Optically Bonded LCD15.6' IPS Optically Bonded LCD
Display Resolution1280 x 720 WXGA1280 x 800 WXGA1920 x 1080 WXGA
Display TypeMultitouch
Dimensions11.9' x 6.85' x 2.56'
(300 x 174 x 65 mm)
14.1' x 9.17' x 2.56'
(358 x 223 x 65 mm)
17.8' x 10.2' x2.72'
(452 x 258 x 69 mm)
MountingTop, Front, BracketTop, Front, and optional RAM ball mount adapter
Waterproof RatingIPX6 / IPX7
Voltage12V and 24V DC (8 V to 32 DC)
GNSS / GPSBuilt-in GNSS Receiver: GPS / GLONASS / Galileo / Beidou - 10Hz 72 Channel External Accessory: GA150 (A80288)
Sonar Type (Built-in)Pro S model - High CHIRP*
Pro RVX model - RealVision 3D + 1kW Sonar
*Pro S can only be used with CPT-S transducers that also connect directly to CP100 sonar module. Requires A80490 adaptor cable.
Learn moreLearn moreLearn more

RealVision 3D™

Easily identify structure and locate fish with the life-like clarity of RealVision 3D sonar.

Sonar Scroll Back

Rewind, pause and playback recorded sonar history to take a closer look fish and structure, and easily plot waypoints.

RealVision 3D™ Sonar with GPS Track

RealVision 3D combines with precision GPS to construct the most accurate 3D model of the underwater world, in real-time.

Offshore Rated 1kW CHIRP Sonar

Simply add a compatible offshore transducer and experience the stunning definition and clarity of dual-channel CHIRP sonar.

Historical Sensitivity Settings

Adjustments to sonar gain, sensitivity and filtering are also applied to recorded sonar history, enabling you to reveal previously concealed fish and structure.

True 1kW Sonar

No gimmicks or games, this a true 1kW sonar – No compromises performance targets bait, fish, thermoclines and more at depths to 5,000 feet.

Low, Medium or High CHIRP

Axiom Pro 1kW sonar offers a wide spectrum of CHIRP sonar bands for deep, mid-range and shallow water fishing.

Wifi Radar Detection


WiFi Radar Pro

Your choice of simple tablet like touch screen interaction or confident keypad control in rough seas.

Custom Key

Wifi Radar For Windows

Get instant access to your favorite function with Axiom Pro’s user-programmable Custom Key.

LightHouse OS

Fast, fluid and easy to learn. The Lighthouse 3 interface is uncluttered and easy to personalize for your style of boating.

RMK-10 Remote Keypad

Add the optional wired RMK-10 keypad to control Axiom Pro from anywhere. RMK-10 can control a single or multiple MFDs at the same location.

Axiom Pro’s quad core processor delivers instantaneous response and the ability to run multiple apps simultaneously without any slowdowns.

Bold and Bright

Optical Bonding Technology & IPS Displays

Raymarine optical bonding technology and IPS display panels give you stunning color, clarity and contrast in all lighting conditions. Plus, Axiom Pro looks great even through polarized sunglasses.

Combine Axiom Pro with the FLIR M132 or M232 thermal camera and enjoy Clear Cruise IR Analytics. Axiom Pro will alert you automatically to hazards in the vessel’s path.

Axiom Pro is compatible with the Raymarine CP470 and CP570 Professional CHIRP sonars. Enjoy powerful sonar output up to 2 kilowatts and dual, independent transceivers on CP570.

Keep an eye on everything onboard from the helm. Axiom Pro supports both video over IP and analog cameras and entertainment sources.

Wifi Radar Promo Code

Axiom Pro works with Raymarine's full lineup of Quantum CHIRP, HD Color and Super HD Color radar scanners. Enjoy all weather, day or night navigation, collision avoidance and bird finding tools.

Axiom comes with a built-in 72 channel GPS/GLONASS receiver with fast update. Use the optional GA150 antenna accessory to boost GPS reception onboard vessels with enclosed pilothouses or metal construction where the MFD does not have a clear view of the sky.

Wifi Radar Pro Free

Rock the boat! Integrate Axiom Pro with multi-source, multi-zone marine audio from Rockford Fosgate. Change sources, select tracks, control zones, and much more right from your MFD.

Axiom is ready-to network with all the latest electronics using standard NMEA2000 and NMEA0183 connectivity.

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