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I’ve had a few clients ask me this question, so I’m posting the answer here – because it wasn’t super easy to find on the internet. When you get to the end of a line and hit “return” on your keyboard – what do you want to happen? Sometimes you want a new paragraph. Sometimes you might just want a line break. This short tutorial shows you how to accomplish this. It works for WebYep and WordPress…and probably for many other text editors that might use TinyMCE or FCKEditor or others.

In HTML, there are paragraph tags: <p>I’m a paragraph</p> and there are line breaks <br />.

Paragraph tags make things look like this:


  1. The WebYep Gallery and WebYep Toggle stacks also make use of loops. The WebYep Menu stack is a slightly more advanced version of the WebYep Loop. It too lets you group sets of editable or static stacks together.
  2. WebYep costs €29 (US$38.17) per Web site. Aimed at small and medium-sized Web sites, WebYep is a CMS developed for Web designers who don’t want to learn PHP in order to make their Web sites.

Paragraph 1

WebYep is Web Content Management System. WebYep is now Open Source. There are many WebCMS available, even Open Source, but WebYep is different: WebYep is designed to be simple. It's easier to get started and understand all its features. WebYep does not require a database server. WebYep is available in German and English. WebYep is a compact Web Content Management System for extremely simple creation of editable web pages. It does not require a database and comes with a Dreamweaver Extension for easy integration.

Paragraph 2

There’s a line of space between paragraphs.

But line breaks look like this:

Line break 1
Line break 2

There is no line of space.

Webyep Rapidweaver

How do you get what you want when you’re using WebYep or WordPress or some other application that uses a WYSIWYG text editor?

The answer is easy: If you want a new paragraph, simply hit “return“. If you don’t want a new paragraph and just want a line break, hit “shift return“.

Now, when I was researching this solution, I did find many folks who said you could accomplish this by changing a few lines of code in the TinyMCE initiation file. And this did work…but only on Internet Explorer. It didn’t work on Firefox. So I think the simple “shift return” solution is the best one for my clients to use.

UPDATE: For those of you on a Mac, I have found issues with Safari and this hint – but it works on Firefox for Mac, so give that a try if Safari doesn’t behave.

Inurl /webyep-system/

J. Olkoski
Aldebaran Web Design, Seattle
Jill Olkoski has a BS in Engineering, a BS in Computer Science and an MA in Clinical Psychology. She delights in using her advanced technical and psychological skills to help small business owners develop cost-effective and successful websites.


Introducing the updated WebYep CMS stacks

WebYep is an opensource CMS (content management system) favoured by thousands of users for its ease of setup, reliability, great multilingual support and its simplistic approach towards online editing. A perfect solution for making frequently-changed parts of a website remotely editable outside of RapidWeaver or for letting clients safely edit parts of a website themselves.

The eagerly awaited WebYep v2 has recently been released, and we have simultaneously released a brand new pack of powerful WebYep stacks. The WebYep stacks work with both the free version of WebYep and the forthcoming commercial version. The commercial version of WebYep is unbranded, with support for a REDACTOR rich text editor and file manager.

You can use WebYep in RapidWeaver without the stacks. But our stacks make the setup of editable content regions in your pages much easier. This is a friendly and flexible CMS solution for RapidWeaver, which anyone can use. WebYep is a tried and proven CMS we actively use daily in websites for our own clients.

The current pack of WebYep stacks (as of version 2.1, March 2018) includes the following:

  • Assistant - the main WebYep stack you add to every page
  • Attachment - creates file download links with customisable icons
  • Boolean - instantly toggle the display of page areas on and off
  • Calendar - populates calendar tables with events
  • Conditional - hides or displays content if authors are logged in
  • Grid - a responsive grid authors can add or remove items from
  • Image Gallery - responsive thumbnail grid with popup lightbox
  • Image - static images that can be changed by an author
  • Login Button - place a login button anywhere on the page
  • Long Text - a long extract of plain text an author can edit
  • Loop - page areas which can be repeated and reordered
  • Markup - a plain text / HTML editor for content authors
  • Menu - links which open dynamically generated pages
  • MP3 Player - embeds a single audio file
  • MP4 Player - embeds a single video file
  • Organiser - Trello-style project manager or schedule with cards
  • Rich Text - an editable area with link and formatting buttons
  • Short Text - a short extract of plain text an author can edit
  • Tabs - lets content authors setup panels of tabbed content
  • Time Control - displays page areas, based on date / time
  • Toggle - lets content authors setup accordion panels of content

Use as many or as few WebYep stacks as you want. The modular nature of this setup offers great flexibility. The loop and menu stacks are immensely powerful. Some of our other stacks like CutOut also incorporate WebYep compatibility.

Minimum system requirements:

  • RapidWeaver 7
  • Stacks 3.5
  • PHP 5.6 (7.x or greater is better, as 5.6 is approaching end-of-life)
  • SSL certificate (this stops web browsers nagging you about insecure login forms)
  • WebYep 2 free or commercial

This video [CC] provides a quick introduction to the WebYep stacks. As always, you can download a free demo version of the stacks to play with. WebYep itself is available to download from the Github project page and is extensively documented. Any technical questions you have about the WebYep stacks can be emailed direct to us. Any general questions about WebYep can be posted to the forums.

Take a look at a couple of our other WebYep stack short teaser video’s here, here, here and here.

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