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  • 2Azureus 2 User's FAQ on Vuze/Zudeo/Azureus 3
    • 2.3Making Vuze look like the Classic UI
      • 2.3.2Alternatives for previous versions
    • 2.5Other Questions
    • 2.6Banned Tracker Notes
  • 3For the 'I don't like Vuze' crowd
    • 3.4Can't you distribute a version of Azureus without Vuze?

If you've come here because you want to use Azureus / Vuze to look like this:

Then you should read this article.

This article is intended to address issues that Azureus 2 users have about Azureus 3. It is not intendedfor users who have only used the Vuze user interface. It's also written assuming that you have a bias towards the Azureus 2 UI.


Basically, Vuze is a friendlier skin to Azureus 2, along with integration with a web component. The UI is intended to be simpler and will not have all the options or features available that are in Azureus 2. However, it will still use all the options and features that Azureus 2 has.

If you like nitty gritty detail, the ability to set just about any option, and micromanaging torrents, you probably want to use the Advanced tab. The advanced tab is the Azureus 2 UI, or what probabily be known as the 'Classic UI'.


Important Note on[edit]

The release brings the version numbers for the 'Classic UI' and the 'Vuze UI' in line. A 'Classic UI' mode exists in that is just the classic user interface and no interaction with the Vuze content layer.

Making Vuze look like the Classic UI[edit]

There are options available in Vuze to make it look and act just like Classic UI. Naturally, we recommend you keep the Vuze interface visible and go to the advanced view when needed. That way, you can see the progression of the Vuze interface. Someday it may even be something you'll want to use.

Use the UI Switcher[edit]

If you are using Azureus or greater, you can open up the UI Chooser to change between startup UI types. In either the 'Advanced Vuze' or 'Classic' interfaces, you can open the UI Chooser by going to 'Tools -> Options -> Interface -> Start' and clicking the 'Display UI switcher Show' button.

A step-by-step guide can be found here.

Alternatives for previous versions[edit]

Starting up in Advanced Mode[edit]

  • Change to the Advanced tab, and open the Config page.
  • Under Interface -> Start, check off Start in Advanced View (AZ 2.x)

Disable the top bars[edit]

  • Change to the Advanced tab
  • From the main menu, select View and unmark Search Bar and Tab Bar

What can I download with Vuze?[edit]

Vuze is purely a different skin for the Azureus core - anything you can download with Azureus you can download with Vuze.

Other Questions[edit]

Is the source for Vuze available?[edit]

Yes, the Vuze client source is available via the sourceforge repository under the module named azureus3. The Main class to run is com.aelitis.azureus.ui.swt.Initializer

  • Azureus core + Standard 'SWT' UI:
  • Vuze UI:
  • Console UI:

Will work on Azureus 2 continue?[edit]

No - not exactly. There will be no further releases of Azureus named 2.x (the last release of that was However, all previous and future releases of Azureus 3 will have the classic UI bundled with it, and work will continue on that interface (as well as the Vuze UI).

Are there any plans to remove the Classic UI?[edit]

No, not presently.

However, our goal is to move most of the needed functionality to the Vuze UI in a intuitive manner. We hope that the new UI will one day have everything you need.

Is the Vuze UI a replacement for the Azureus 2 UI?[edit]

Yes and no. It can be if you want it to be, or you can continue to use the old UI. Both will be continued to be developed.

Why did you switch from the name Zudeo to Vuze?[edit]

Zudeo was too close to another name in the same market as Vuze is.

Can I get content from using Azureus 2?[edit]

Vuze 2.1 Software

Yes. The download link should fire up Azureus (or invoke it if it's already running) and pop up the Open Torrent dialog box. If you prefer a direct .torrent link, or you aren't using Azureus, most of the content contains a direct torrent link in the content's details page.

What happens to users who upgrade from[edit]

They continue to use the classic UI by default.

The CVS snapshots say version 3? What UI will I be getting?[edit]

Whichever UI you are currently using.

Since both the Vuze UI and the Classic UI use the same core code, we changed both of their versions to 3.x.x.x.

Is there 2 code lines?[edit]

No, there is only one code line with multiple UIs.

Is it still GPL?[edit]

Yes, the Azureus3/Vuze source is in the same location as the original Azureus2 source and remains under the same GPL2 license as it always has. See the source code section above.

Note: The installer version of Azureus 3 comes with the Vuze Terms of service, which refers to the use of Vuze Content platform/website, i.e. The client software itself is still governed by the GPL (see section 6.2).

Will Vuze prevent me downloading content that Azureus 2 lets me download?[edit]

No - Vuze will allow you to download any normal BitTorrent download that Azureus 2 can handle.

Will Azureus send a list of what I download to other people?[edit]

No! As mentioned before, the source code is available on Sourceforge, so if you're not happy to take our word for it, go and check it out.

The Vuze UI will check for updates of the metadata (thumbnail, title, rating, etc) of Vuze content. The classic UI does not. Vuze does not store these new metadata requests anywhere. It simply reads the request and returns the metadata.. much like how Winamp brings up track info about the CD you are playing.

Why was there a version of Azureus released after version 3?[edit] was something that had been around for a while (in the form of betas). During the four and a half months between the release of and, we released beta versions of Vuze (which was then known as Azureus 3). The core code for those releases is the same as some of the beta versions.

Vuze 2.1

We finally released version in mid January 2007 - future major releases of Azureus will now be numbered from version 3 onwards to avoid confusion - both Vuze and Azureus have the same codebase, so they will have the same version numbers in future.

And what about version[edit]

That was released mainly to fix a couple of problems introduced in (specifically the 'ASN lookup via DNS queries only' and 'Fix big icon in name column for OSes using GTK' changes).

Why isn't on the download page?[edit]

We discovered a Vuze UI bug just as we began pushing out the update to users, so instead of aborting the update altogether, we decided to only update the existing users, who wouldn't use the Vuze interface anyway. Once this bug has been fixed (and a couple more we found since then), there will be a release, very very soon, that will be available on the main download page for all.

Banned Tracker Notes[edit]

If a tracker owner has banned Azureus 3 from their tracker, please bring their real reason to our attention. We almost always implement tracker owner requests (some even days before the release), however, very few tracker owners ever contact us. It is extremely frustrating when tracker owners ban the client and never tell us why or what we can do to resolve the issue.

Real Reason[edit]

There's been reports that a few tracker owners have banned Azureus 3 because it's not Azureus. Please direct these tracker owners to this wiki page, and try to find out what the real reason for their ban is. If it's something Azureus is programmically doing, we'd like to know so we can address it.

If the reason is because they dislike the user having the ability (and choice) to use a new UI, or because Azureus has 'gone corporate', then there's nothing we can do about that, but at the very least, the tracker owner should tell the user up front that it's their bias and not Azureus' fault (and not uTorrent's fault, since the same reasoning would ban that client too)

A mini FAQ for those of you who keep sending the same messages in our forums repeatedly.

Do I have to use the Vuze interface?[edit]

NO. It's optional. You can get Azureus to start up with the 'classic UI', and none of the Vuze interface code will be loaded at all. Just to repeat ourselves again - YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE THE VUZE INTERFACE. Read about the UI Switcher

I don't like the Vuze interface![edit]

Then don't use it. Remember, it's optional!

You shouldn't force people to use Vuze[edit]

I agree. Which is why we don't, it's optional.

Vuze 2.1 Review

Can't you distribute a version of Azureus without Vuze?[edit]

Technically, yes we can. Will we? No. There's no reason to. Like we've said before - you can use Azureus, without any Vuze code loaded at all if you don't want it.

Do you use the LAN peer finder? Inbuilt tracker? The 'download basket'? Download bars? Statistics generation?

If you don't, then you can disable it and it doesn't get used. Like the Vuze interface. We wouldn't release different versions of Azureus with these things included or excluded. We're not going to do it with the Vuze interface either.

We've made it so you don't have to use Vuze, since we realize not everyone wants to use it. So given that you aren't forced to use Vuze in any way... why should we create another version with it included or not? That's just more work for us with no benefit.

Yeah yeah yeah, but couldn't you just distribute a version anyway?[edit]

Yes we could, but we aren't going to, because then people will think there really is a reason to have two different versions even though we've said that there isn't, which then cause even more confusion. Whereas if people were to just read this FAQ, and understand they don't have to use Vuze at all, then that would be more straight-forward.

So you're not going to do separate versions for commercial reasons?[edit]

No - we're not going to release separate versions because there's absolutely no advantage for us or for users. Users can avoid using the Vuze UI if they want to.


What harm would it do to have separate versions to make everyone happy?[edit]

If we have to distribute separate versions, then we've have to build separate installs. And then we have two upgrade mechanisms that we have to handle.

Vuze 2.1 Pro Apk

And then our work wouldn't end there. There would be two separate code versions. And then people would say 'Why does Vuze identify itself as Azureus'. And so then we would have to change that code so that identifies itself differently, which may mean actually forking the code. And then people will say 'Why do the Azureus devs say that Vuze uses the same core as Azureus if they release it differently and it identifies itself differently'?

So, no. It means more work for us, has no advantage for users, and has no advantage for us. All we would do is cater for the misinformed user, and then it creates even more misunderstanding as well as more work for us in future. Instead of doing all that, we'll just point those users to this FAQ. Especially to the first point made here.

If you can point out a valid reason why there should be separate versions, rather than just getting the user to change their interface (and living happily ever after), then maybe we'll do it (we'll certainly discuss it). We've yet to hear one.

Can't you just put all the Vuze UI code into a separate file?[edit]

Technically, yes. However, that means that whenever we want to send out updates, you have the potential for breaking the interface. The Vuze UI needs to be kept in sync with the Azureus core code itself - and if they get out of sync, you'll end up with a broken interface (which you might not be able to resolve without installing). That's the same reason why we don't (and wouldn't) distribute the classic user interface separately.

Vuze 2.1

This goes against the FOSS and Sourceforge philosophy![edit]

No it doesn't. Sourceforge is meant for open source projects - which Azureus is (and always has been). Same with the Vuze code.

The 'F' in FOSS stands for 'Free'. Which, again, Azureus is - you're free to modify it. It's also 'free as in beer', so you don't have to pay for it.

blah blah corporate blah[edit]

Whatever. If there's some supposed ethical or political reason why you don't want to use Vuze, fine - don't. You're not forced to.

You just don't understand the P2P community and you don't listen to users[edit]

We understand that a lot of you won't want to use something like Vuze. Hence, we're not forcing you to use it, nor are we dropping support for the Azureus 2 interface.

If we really wanted to force the Vuze interface on everyone, then we could have done. Removed the original interface or refused to continue development on it. We've done neither.

Vuze developers should leave Azureus alone![edit]

The people working on Vuze are the same people working on Azureus. We've got no interest in removing all the work that we had put in for the classic UI and main Azureus core (which we've worked on for several years in our own free time without being paid for it).

So now some of those developers (who do have families to look after, thanks) get paid for their work, while being able to spend more time working on Azureus (as well as Vuze). Is that a bad thing?

Oh, and some of us still volunteer our time to Azureus for free.

Doesn't matter, I've got a modified version which doesn't include the Vuze code![edit]

Which would work exactly the same as if you used if you had used our normal version. Oh well.

The reason why it is relatively straight forward to take out the Vuze code is because we deliberately coded that way - the existing core doesn't have any dependencies on the Vuze UI at all. You don't even have to modify the code. We've even pointed out how you can do it if you really want. But it isn't something we are going to do, for various reasons explained above.

Oh, and I do hope your modified version is running the source code you think it is, rather than including some malicious code...

Doesn't including the Vuze UI even if I don't want it make Azureus more bloated?[edit]

Does it use up more CPU? No.Does it use up more memory? No.

Vuse 2.4 Alto For Sale

The only difference there is that the JAR file containing all the class files is bigger - probably in the region of 3 or 4 MB (at most).

Bloat bloat bloat bloat...[edit]

We've heard the argument that all these changes make things more bloated. To quote this forum post:

I've noticed for a long time that there are always some users who love to scream until their vocal cords bleed about 'bloat'. Typically, they define 'bloat' as 'Features I don't use'. These same users are always in forums requesting tweaks and new features to their pet software. Their sense of entitlement is greatly stroked when such tweaks and features are added.

But when features are added that they DIDN'T ask for, well that's 'bloat'. The reasons for the changes don't matter. The other users don't matter. The overall health of the project doesn't matter. And it doesn't matter if the screamers can simply ignore the new features and use the software the way they always have, unimpeded. There is no appeasement other than a total acquiescence to the demands of the screamers. 'REMOVE IT!' 'MAKE A SPECIAL BUILD FOR ME!' 'STOP SELLING OUT TO THE MAN!' 'LISTEN TO YOUR USERS! (i.e. 'me').

The point that we can't make enough... if you don't like the new interface or the new features - you don't have to use it. Just because you may not choose to use something, it doesn't mean that other users won't. And if new features don't get in your way, then how does it really cause a problem?

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  • General bug fixes and improvements.
  • General bug fixes and improvements.
  • Native in-camera still image mode, capture in JPEG format.
  • ‎2D 360 video capture at 60FPS.
  • Support of Vuze LIVE – streaming via USB.
  • Support for camera gallery in the mobile app with thumbnails preview.
  • Change in audio format (PCM instead of AAC)‎.
  • Support for in app preview of all four directions.
  • Exposure compensation support (global and per-pair) from -2EV to +2EV.
  • Manual exposure setting support (global or per-pair Shutter Speed and ISO ‎control)‎.
  • Auto White Balance improvements.
  • Image quality enhancements.
  • Audio enhancements.

Performance and quality improvement:

  • Improved image quality.
  • Enhancements in color calibration.
  • Improved audio.
  • Bug fixes (related to firmware update, wifi and more)
  • Performance optimization and enhancements
  • Possibility to use 3G/4G on your smartphone while connected with app to camera
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