If you have not already downloaded and installed Fortinet Client, please see the procedure for doing so before you begin.

1. Once Fortinet is installed and opened, click the “Configure VPN” button at the bottom.

2. The “New VPN Connection” configuration screen should appear.

You don't need to remember passwords and private keys to configure the connection to the VPN Server. Save the configuration file in the VPN Server Configurator, send it by e-mail, open it in the. If there are any changes to the point-to-site VPN configuration after you generate the VPN client configuration profile, such as the VPN protocol type or authentication type, you must generate and install a new VPN client configuration on your users' devices.

  • VPN: Be sure that “SSL-VPN” is selected.
  • Connection Name: This will be how you label the connection.
  • Description: This field is optional.
  • Remote Gateway: This will vary from client to client. The format is as follows clientname.vpn.magna5cloud.com
    Example: magna5.vpn.magna5cloud.com
Vpn_client_configuration terraform

In this article, we will download and install the client and configuration for Windows 10. Installing the SSL VPN client software on Windows Run the downloaded SSL VPN client. Note: If you have an application control software, make sure to unblock OpenVPN and SSL VPN Client for Windows in order for the installation to be successful. ZyWALL VPN Client. To download the VPN configuration provisioning settings configured on the router, open the client software and click the Configuration menu, select the “Get from Server” option. Type in the public IP address, domain name or DDNS name associated with the ZyWALL router.

  • Port: This can be left as 443. However, you may need to use a specific port in order to connect. If you are a customer that requires a different port, it will be provided to you.
  • Client Certificate: None
  • Authentication: Check the Prompt on login option.
  • Be sure to check the Do not Warn Invalid Server Certificate box.

Example of completed configuration:

3. Once finished, click the Save button at the bottom-right. This should take you to the login screen.

If you are using a MAC to connect with Forticlient, you will have to enter your domain username on the Add Connection screen before clicking the Add button to proceed.

  • VPN Name: Should display the Connection Name you set in the previous step.
  • Username/Password: You will sign in using your own domain credentials.
  • Click Connect at the bottom.

4. If your connection established successfully, you will see a screen similar to the image below with a Disconnect button at the bottom.

Connection Issues

If you are experiencing technical issues connecting with Forticlient:

  • Review your connection settings and assure each field is populated correctly.
    • From the home screen, click the 3 horizontal bars, then “Edit the selected connection” in order to make any necessary changes.
  • Confirm your device has a stable internet connection.
  • Reboot the device experiencing issues connecting.
  • If you are still unable to connect, you may reach us for support at 844-462-4625 option 3.

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Vpn_client_configuration Terraform

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