Extra plugins you can have for VoodooPad The plugin interface for VoodooPad is accessed via the Plugin menu. Plugins have files named.vpplugin and are installed by selecting the VoodooPad application file (.app) in the Finder, executing the Get Info command from the File menu, opening the Plugin section, hitting Add, and selecting the plugin.

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  • VoodooPad is a place to write down your notes and thoughts. Ideas, images, lists, passwords, your mom's apple pie recipe. Include anything you need to keep track of and organize, and VoodooPad will grow with you without getting in the way.
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Fans of Flying Meat’s VoodooPad personal wiki software have reason to celebrate: the venerable Mac app and its iOS companion have a new home at software coop Plausible Labs. The move was announced on Wednesday in blog posts on both developers’ sites.

Gus Mueller, Flying Meat’s proprietor, wrote that he decided to part with VoodooPad because he wasn’t able to devote enough time to the app’s development. “Both VoodooPad and Acorn have grown over the years into much more than I can handle as a single developer. And because of this one of my two apps was going to be neglected, and obviously VoodooPad has gotten the short end of the stick lately.” The last update to VoodooPad came in February 2013.

“We’re big fans of VoodooPad and put it to a lot of use,” Plausible Labs software engineer Mike Ash wrote on the coop’s site. “We’re excited to take over the reins from Flying Meat and hope that we can live up to the expectations they have set.” Among Plausible Labs’s other projects are Comixology’s Comics app for iOS and Android; VoodooPad will be its first Mac app.


For its part, Plausible Labs says that users won’t likely notice any major changes to the software in the short term as the company gets up to speed with the app before deciding where to take it from here.

“I trust [Plausible Labs] to do the right thing with VoodooPad,” wrote Mueller, who says he will be devoting all of his time to his other major app, Acorn. “It’s all in their hands now.”

Make sure to check out the new wiki located at http://flyingmeat.com/wikka/. This one will eventually be retired.

New in VoodooPad 3.0:

Open up multiple pages in the same window using tabs. Command click on a link to open it in a new tab, or right click on a link and choose 'Open Link in New Tab'. (And you can still open up pages in new windows by holding down shift-command when clicking on a link)

Search Improvements
Search in VoodooPad is lightning fast now, and returns results in record times.

Support for big documents
Stuff gigabytes of data inside a VoodooPad document, it won't mind. A new file format makes saving documents super quick as well.

Voodoopad Lite

A user can paste content from any LinkBack-enabled application into VoodooPad and reopen that content later for editing with just a double-click. See http://www.linkbackproject.org/ for more info.

Embed images, pdfs, and other types of files.
The improved file format for VoodooPad 3.0 means you can embed files such as images, pdfs, mp3s, and most other types of files as well. VoodooPad also includes a new PDF Service so you can print from any application directly into VoodooPad.

Full Screen
Edit your pages in full screen mode, to keep you focused on the task at hand.


Script Plugins
Script Plugins are an easy way to extend the functionality of VoodooPad. Download new plugins or write your own.

VoodooPad sheds the drawer and moves content out into easy to use palettes. Find your backlinks, pages list, categories, recently updated pages, and (new for 3.0) recently visited pages quick and easily.

Text Styles
A new text styles palette lets you add and apply text styles to your pages.

Custom Shortcuts
VoodooPad has a new preference pane where you can set and change the menu item shortcuts. So if you don't like that a certain plugin has no shortcut- now you've got an easy way to fix it!


Merge and Split
Merge two VoodooPad documents together using the import menu option, or split pages from a document into a new file to slim things down a bit.

Improvements and Other New Stuff

Voodoopad History

  • Rulers stay in place now when moving from page to page.
  • Smooth lines for sketch
  • Clippings folder now supports RTFD files
  • Sending by mail now includes images
  • New Web Export date placeholders
  • Upgraded linking engine recognizes CJK links without spaces, and much more.
  • Copy no longer copies links that are only good to VoodooPad
  • Plain text pages
  • New package file format which is subversion friendly
  • Double clicking an image will now prompt you to save the image to disk
  • New toolbar buttons
  • Window and tab states are now stored in the document
  • Updates to the plugin api
  • New preference to choose wether or not to use the default welcome text for new documents
  • The open page panel is no longer case sensitive
  • New applescript command 'current page name' to get the name of the front most page

VoodooPad Pro

There's a new addition to the VoodooPad family for the 5% of you who want some crazy advanced features. And here's what it has:

Document level encryption
Have every bit of your VoodooPad document protected by a password, and not just on a page by page basis.

A handy way to script VoodooPad when certain events occur such as a new page being created or deleted, documents opening or closing, files being written on web export and more.

Voodoopad Pro

Item Meta
Assign meta data to an individual page which can be used for whatever you'd like, and access them in script plugins or triggers.

Voodoopad Windows

A built in webserver to share your pages with friends or co-workers on your local network without any pain. Bonjour support so you don't have to hand around cryptic urls.

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