# Browser

Simply copy one of the script links below and drop it into your page head.

Universal Database Client

# NodeJS / Webpack / Browserify / etc

Universal Database

Run this in your project directory:

East View Universal Databases tm are compliant. ©2021 East View Information Services All rights reserved. UniNet is a free, secure service providing convenient access to Navigation Database, Service Bulletins, Technical Manuals, Operator / User Manuals, and other essential account information. For first time subscribers, registering for UniNet is as simple as answering a few identification-related questions before a password is emailed to you. Universal Avionics (UASC) manufactures a line of NextGen advanced avionics equipment. Including the InSight Intergrated Flight Deck, UNS-1 SBAS/WAAS-enabled Flight Management Systems, Flat Panel Integrated Cockpit Displays; Synthetic Vision System; the TAWS Terrain Awareness and Warning System, Cockpit Voice Recorders and more. Universal Data Upscaling the Value of Data. We streamline your business with accurate and consistent business data through our advanced data solutions which give you complete control over your customer profile. Our solutions boost your conversion rates by driving highly convertible leads. One of the major challenges facing scientists who work on rare disorders, such as hemophilia, is the lack of uniform health data. To address this issue and to advance health research, CDC created a national public health surveillance project called the Universal Data Collection (UDC) system.

Then use in your project:

# Use With An Array Of Objects


# Use As A Database / Datastore

NanoSQL supports a wide range of ways to save your data in the browser, on the phone, and on the server.Universal database downloadUniversal Database
  1. Included In The Box

    • Memory (Browser/NodeJS/Electron)
    • Snap DB (NodeJS/Electron)
    • Indexed DB (Browser)
    • WebSQL (Browser)
    • Local Storage (Browser)

# Older Versions

Universal Database Update

You can get nanoSQL 1.X versions here.

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