Twixl Publisher 5 was released on the 21st of June 2016. This major release brings new features and possibilities in different areas. Twixl Publisher 5 is about flexibility, speed of publishing and cost-effectiveness. In many ways it is now offering publishers the complete freedom in deciding how to publish. Twixl Publisher apps use a concept that we call 'Browse Pages' as a flexible way to present your content to readers. While browse pages can still mimic the behaviour of the traditional kiosk that contains different issues, the flexibility goes much further. Twixl Publisher allows you to produce content apps for tablets fully independently - from design to publishing in the app stores or within a private environment. Twixl Publisher is a combination of a stand-alone OS X application and a plug-in for Adobe InDesign CC or CS6 that allows you to create interactive reader apps for tablets. You can either start from existing documents or you can.

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  2. Twixl Publisher
  3. Twixl Publisher Platform
  4. Twixl Publisher Mac

Create native apps for iOS and Android, for both tablets and phones.
Publish to mobile and to the web
Send push notifications to guide your users
Let your users share their content

Twixl lets you create native iOS and Android apps. On iOS this can be an App Store or an Enterprise app. An app can either be tablet only, phone only or universal.
Twixl apps are platform-based. The content is stored on the Twixl Distribution Platform and pushed into the app when the reader requests it. You can organize the interface according to your needs and make your content accessible from that interface.
Twixl offers different options to save content offline and to manage the size of the app. Every app can also be made available for viewing in a browser. Based on the tablet layout. This allows you to publish your content to desktop or laptop users. This makes social sharing extremely powerful. Your user can immediately share the content he is reading providing direct access to it without the need to first download the app.
Twixl Push notifications allows ‘deep linking’, which means they’ll bring your users directly to where you want them to arrive in your app.

For content creation, Twixl Publisher offers two approaches:

Twixl Publisher

Twixl Publisher Plugin For Indesign

  • the pixel-perfect design approach using adobe InDesign content and

  • the responsive approach using HTML content.

Twixl offers a plug-in for Adobe InDesign CC that allows you
to create interactive content for mobile devices.
A multitude of interactive content types are supported, such as
photo slide shows, audio, video, scrollable content and more.
Also HTML-based content can be integrated within the InDesign layout.

You can also decide to create your articles with the HTML tool of
your choice (such as Canvasflow) and make your content responsive
But in most cases HTML content will be published in an automated
fashion pushed from your CMS workflow.

PDF content is also supported and the different content types
can be combined within the same app.

To present your content, Twixl Publisher lets you define the interface
of your app, based on a grid layout and define your own navigation;
this interface is called 'browse pages'.

Browse pages let you introduce your content to your end-users in a
very flexible way. This interface can be a classic kiosk approach,
a continuous channel approach or a combination of both.

You are in control and you can define how you want to guide
your end-users through your content.

Twixl Publisher

Review your complete app with Twixl App;
i.e. the browse pages interface and all content pages,
plus Adobe InDesign, HTML and PDF content all together.

While Twixl Viewer Classic lets you preview Adobe InDesign content only,
the Twixl App provides the ability to review the complete interface of
your app and the different browse pages, in addition to the InDesign,
HTML or PDF based articles in the app.

Extra app reviewer users can be added to the account on
the Twixl Distribution Platform account, so you can allow clients and
colleagues to provide feedback.

For building apps, Twixl Publisher's stand-alone macOS application lets you
create tablet apps, phone apps or universal apps for iOS and Android.

Apps can be published 'ad hoc' (for testing), in the app stores or
deployed in-house (also called 'enterprise distribution').

For an article-based app, you can also activate the Browser Client
that lets you publish your content as HTML on mobile devices
with modern web browsers.

Twixl Publisher Platform

For distribution of your content, the Twixl Distribution Platform
takes care of the storage of your content and connects to your
automated content sources or your CMS workflow.

Twixl Publisher Mac

It manages the distribution of your apps and app content in the different
app stores or in-house, supports in-app purchases and subscriptions,
manages who gets access to which of your apps and content,
provides detailed analytics information and lets you communicate
with your subscribers by means of push notifications.

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