Audible is an audiobook shopping platform that includes the most popular and complete books today. Users have access to more than 180,000 different titles; all of them narrated using an unbeatable audio quality. The advantages you can get from using this service are basically unlimited, but they do become blurred by one problem: their service uses a strict DRM that prevents you from playing the files on any other device.
The format that your favorite narratives are downloaded in on this platform is only compatible with devices that have iTunes. Because of this anti-copy protection, it’ll be impossible to turn these files into a more accessible format.
TunesKit Audible Converter helps you get rid of the DRM of any file that’s been downloaded from Audible and convert it into any format with just a few clicks. Using TunesKit Audible Converter is really easy because you can just drag the files you want to convert from your iTunes account or the file you store your audiobooks. Once you’ve done that, just click on the ‘Convert’ button and the process will start automatically; in a matter of seconds you’ll have your favorite books ready to be narrated on any device you want.
Enjoy the books that you already paid for, on any device, with TunesKit Audible Converter, a tool that’s as efficient as it is easy to use.
  • Thanks to the top-leading decrypting technique, TunesKit Audible Audiobook Converter is capable of saving all Audible AA and AAX audiobooks without any quality loss.
  • 'Tuneskit Audio Converter for Mac has the capacity to download iTunes and Apple Music and convert the audio files to multiple file formats you want. It only takes a few seconds to convert one file in a secure way.' Read the full review.
  • TunesKit Audible AA/AAX Converter (Mac, Windows) - $34.95. As a dedicated converting tool for Audible audiobook, TunesKit AA/AAX Converter is highly recommended if you are looking for an easy-to-handle Audible converter to MP3.
MacTunesKit Audible Converter For MacTunesKit

Tuneskit Audio Converter For Mac

TunesKit Audible Converter for Mac 1.2.12. TunesKit (Trial version) Advertisement. TunesKit Audible Converter for Mac 1.2.11 Released: 4th Apr 2021 (a. TunesKit Audible AAX Converter for Mac的另一个优点是它拥有超过100倍的超快转换速度。 由于它不需要与iTunes一起工作,它只会在几秒钟内转换长达数小时的DRM-Audible有声读物,比市场上需要iTunes的任何其他传统Audible有声读物转换器快得多。.

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