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Testify media marketing

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  • To use messages stored on smartphones as evidence in court proceedings. Yesterday on Judge Judy, this girl used her iPhone to textify that the defendant had sent several messages promising to repay her the 3 grand she spent bailing him out.
  • ‎Textify Me iOS App allows you to turn your photos into colorful ASCII text in HTML. You can then display this on your website and share them with your friends. Textify Me is really easy to use. Just scroll through your photo album to select a photo. Select your desired font & the background colour.

If there are symbols missing drop me a line or create a pull-request. If you have more specific LaTeX questions though, you will have more success contacting your TeX user group or try the excellent TeX Stackexchange. EmceePro 'Web Trial' - Download The 'web trial' is a fully functional version for the first 20 uses. After this evaluation period, it is still usable but only in 'demo mode'.


Streamlined features allow you to quickly reach your audience no matter where they are, including:

  • Text giving from any device
  • Fundraise and engage supporters during events
  • Send urgent messages in real time from anywhere
  • Communicate with staff and volunteers wherever they are
  • Schedule reminders, devotionals, prayer requests, and more

“We started Textify and saw almost 700 new donors in one week! It is so simple, the user experience is great.”

Textify MeTextify Me

Stephen Brewster — Creative Arts Pastor, Cross Point Church

Testify Means

Unique shortcode with a large selection of keywords

Textify Me Screensaver

Easy to use. On any device.

Testify Meaning

Send or schedule messages, manage groups and keywords, and track campaign donations, all from our easy to use, mobile-friendly interface.

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