Tesseract Open Source OCR Engine (main repository) machine-learning ocr tesseract lstm tesseract-ocr hacktoberfest ocr-engine C Apache-2.0 7,236 39,590 304 (9 issues need help) 4 Updated Apr 17, 2021. Tessdoc Tesseract documentation HTML 117 370 8 4 Updated Apr 17, 2021. Tessa, I tried similar combinations of QF processes and have since retried with your configuration and it still does not capture the Zone OCR's values accurately. The Image in the email is a copy/paste from a screen shot using Snipit. I believe you would need the full page TIF of the original to run an equivalent test. Thanks for trying. Tesseract is one of the most powerful open source OCR engine available today. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. This is the process of extracting texts from images. For example, consider the following image which has some text in it that has to be extracted out.

Has anyone tried Tessa? The free version does OCR okay, but functionality is really handicapped. I wanted to get feedback from others before I upgraded to the paid version. Okay, it's only US$10, maybe I'll try it anyhow.


Here's the history behind this... For a while now, I've used a Windows 7 system with a Canon scanner and Nuance OmniPage 18 for OCR. But lately I've decided to eliminate the Windows 7 system if possible, so I needed to move scanning and OCR over to my Mac. Well, I got the scanner up and running in no time (excellent job, Canon, thanks!), but OmniPage turned out to be more of a headache. The OmniPage DVD did not come with a Mac version, and a call to Nuance Support informed me that this version of OmniPage doesn't run on the Mac. It turns out I could buy OmniPage Pro X for about $45 on Amazon. I might do that.

Tessa Ocracoke

Has anyone used OmniPage Pro on a Mac? The OmniPage feature I liked on my Windows 7 box was the MS Word integration plugin. I hope that OmniPage Pro for Mac has a similar plugin for Pages. Can anyone confirm this?

Tessa Ocrevus

I know there are other OCR options, but right now I like OmniPage because I'm used to it, and I like Tessa because I like to use software that's based on free and open source software when I have a chance to do so.

Tessa Ocracoke Island

Any thoughts or opinions on either package would be appreciated.

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