Super Video Transcoder + Efficient and fast, maximize the performance of the graphics card. + Easy to use, support batch transcoding in queue + Powerful, multiple preset encoding templates, custom transcoding templates, audio track subtitle synth. Download Super Audio CD Decoder for free. Super Audio CD Decoder input plugin for foobar2000. Decoder is capable of playing back Super Audio CD ISO images, DSDIFF, DSF and DSD WavPack files. Super MPEG2 Transcoder is a sophisticated transcoding tool that compresses MPEG2 files at unparalleled high speed, without damaging image quality; you.

  1. With this patch, on the right OS, you can unlock more hardware accelerated transcoded streams with your Plex Media Server! LINK TO GITHUB:
  2. SUPER © is a free enhanced 3D video converter encoder player recorder. It has built in all the required video codecs and audio codecs to encode from and into any possible multimedia format in 2D or in 3D. Rendered output files for PC, iPhone, Xbox, Android, PS3.
Super Transcoder

Live vision capture and review is key to any real time analysisworkflow. Angles supports DVR like features, allowing you to reviewvision while it is being captured live. Playback can be delayedup to 2 seconds behind the live source and the capturing file canbe shared across a network for other computers to review in delaytoo.

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Due to the technical nature of vision related hardware,we have done our best to simplify this aspect by recommending only aselect few suppliers that we have tested.So, whether you need to capture from a camcorder or broadcastfeed, we have a recommendation.

If capture is not part of your workflow, movie files can beeasily imported. Angles supports H.264(AVC), H.265(HEVC) andProRes MP4 and MOV movie files. If Quicktime Player 10 can playthe file, then Angles can too.


There are a lot of vision capture devices on the market,currently, we are supporting and recommending devices that fallunder the USB video device class (also USB video class or UVC).These devices are commonly referred to as video grabbers and arevery popular in the gaming markets to stream and record live play.

AJA Video Systems is one of our favourites. The U-TAP devices aresolid devices that include video loop through on the SDI version,a very useful feature.

Another leader in this area is Magewell. They offer a number ofchoices.


Blackmagic Design offers a USB 3.0 device.


Blackmagic Design is arguably the leader in Thunderbolt supportedvideo devices.


IEEE-1394 aka FireWire has been around for a long time and iscurrently supported. However, we cannot guarantee how long wecan support this aging technology.

Super Transcoder

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Super Transcoder

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IP cameras and SDI streams recorded by our Piston productcan be used live or post event. Angles can localize these streams,saving the stream onto the computer. Services such as Wowza or Kalturacan also be configured to provide a HLS stream that can be localized.

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