HitTrax™ is the first and only baseball simulator
A powerful combination of analytics and entertainment that has never before been available to indoor facilities.

StatsCenter is a beautiful collaboration with my friends at The Michelson 20MM Foundation and their whole team. Michelson, 20MM is a Los Angeles based non-profit organization that invests in innovative technology solutions and entrepreneurs to improve student opportunities and educational outcomes. StatsCenter is the result of the incredible support and collaboration with my friends at The Michelson 20MM Foundation, and their entire team. They do incredible non-profit work on behalf of advancing our shared cause of education, investing both in technology, and directly in people. Resortcenters.com is a bit different than most startups. We are small, diverse team working remotely and loving what we do. We only cowork with others who also have this same passion.

Patented technology delivers innovation to the baseball industry by measuring real-time data and displaying live results for immediate feedback. Analyze key performance metrics to identify tendencies before stepping onto the field.

6993 Stars Avenue, McKinney, TX 75070 The Children's Health StarCenter in McKinney at Craig Ranch is located North off Highway 121 and Alma Road. GENERAL DIRECTIONS: Take Highway 121 to Alma Road. You need to enable JavaScript to run this app. You need to enable JavaScript to run this app.


  • Real-Time Statistics with Visual Feedback

  • In-Depth Reporting Module for Hitters & Pitchers

  • Video Analysis, Frame-by-Frame Playback

  • Remote Access to Statistics via our HitTrax StatsCenter™ membership service

  • Player Rankings (Local and National)

  • Adaptable to All Skill Levels: Little League to Professional

  • Gaming Module & Home Run Derby Contests


  • Baseball and Softball

  • Operates off of live pitching, machines, soft toss, and batting tee

  • Ball Exit Speeds, Distances, Spray Charts, Averages

  • Pitch Velocity, Pitch Location, % Strikes

  • Launch Angle/Elevation

  • Accuracy to +/- 1 MPH


Perfect Game Indoor National Hitting League

Starts Date (TBD, Coming this fall)

Nba Stats Centers

The Perfect Game National Indoor League allows players of all ages to compete against each other all around the country. The PGNIL uses today’s most up-to-date technology to measure max exit velocity, average exit velocity, launch angles, batting average, and many more statistics for every player in the league.

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