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StatPlus is a software product developed by AnalystSoft for basic univariate and multivariate statistical analysis (MANOVA, GLM, Latin squares), as well as time series analysis, nonparametric statistics, survival analysis and statistical charts including control charts.It was originally developed for use in biomedical sciences and known as BioStat. It is nowadays mostly used in biomedicine and natural sciences.[citation needed]

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The software has a version for the Mac OS X known as StatPlus:mac.[1]This version may also be used as an add-on (software) to Microsoft Excel, similar to Microsoft's Analysis Toolpak on Windows.[2]


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General references[edit]

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StatPlus is a'heavy-duty' professional statistical analysis tool, the interface isso simple that even people who have no knowledge of statistics are capable ofprocessing data, provided they know how to use PC and clear instructions aregiven. This frees up intellectual resources for analyzing the results, ratherthan agonizing over who and how processed the data, and if any mistakes weremade in the process. The StatPlus has the Following Features:

Basic Statistics

  • Detaileddescriptive statistics
  • Comparing meanst-Tests, Pagurova Criterion, G-Criterion.
  • Fisher F-test.
  • One sample and twosamples z-tests.
  • Correlationcoefficients (Pearson, Fechner) and covariation.
  • Normality tests(incl. 1990 D'Agostino's tests).
  • Cross-tabulation.
  • Frequency tablesanalysis (discrete/continuous).

Introduction Video of StatPlus:

Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

  • One-way, two-ways,3-ways analysis of variance
  • With post-hoc tests- Bonferroni, Tukey-Kramer, Tukey B, Tukey HSD, Neuman-Keuls.
  • General LinearModels (GLM) ANOVA.
  • Within subjectsANOVA and mixed models.

Data Classification

  • Discriminantfunction analysis.

Design of Experiments (DOE).

  • Latin andgreco-latin squares analysis.

Nonparametric Statistics

  • 2x2 tables analysis(Chi-square, Yates Chi-square, Exact Fisher Test, etc.).
  • Chi-square test.
  • Rank correlations(Kendall Tau, Spearman R, Gamma, etc.).
  • Comparingindependent samples
  • Mann-Whitney UTest, Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, Wald-Wolfowitz Runs Test, RosenbaumCriterion;Kruskal-Wallis ANOVA, Median test.
  • Comparing dependentsamples
  • Wilcoxon MatchedPairs Test, Sign Test, Friedman ANOVA, Kendall's Coeff. of Concordance.
  • Cochran Q Test.

Regression Analysis

  • Multivariate linearregression.
  • WLS regression.
  • Logisticregression.
  • Stepwiseregression.
  • Polynomialregression.
  • Coxproportional-hazards regression.

Time Series Analysis

  • Moving average.
  • Interrupted timeseries analysis.

Website: Click here

System Requirements:

  • Processor- Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64
  • Operating System- Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7
  • Minimum RAM- 64 MB
  • Minimum Hard Disk Space- 230 MB

Download: Click Here for Download Page

Current Version: StatPlus Version 2009 [5.7.8]

Freeware/OpenSource/Purchase/Trial: Trial Available.

Screen Shots:

  • Fourier analysis.
  • Data processing - mean removal, differencing, exponential smoothing.

Survival Analysis

  • Cox proportional-hazards regression.
  • Probit-analysis (incl. Finney and MLS methods) with cumulation coefficient estimation.
  • Used for LD50 (ED50) calculation.

Power Analysis and Sample Size (PASS)

  • Prevalence survey sample size.
  • Binomial exact confidence interval.
  • Sample size needed to observe at least N events.
  • Sample size for a case-control study.

Data Processing

  • Sampling (random, periodic, conditional.)
  • Random numbers generation.
  • Transformations.
  • Standardization.
  • Stack/unstack operations.
  • Matrix operations.

Statistical Charts

  • From histogram up to box-plot.
  • Control chars - X-bar, R-chart, S-chart, P-chart, C-chart, U-chart, CUSUM-chart.

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