Our new RadStar Alpha Support site contains detailed information on getting started with the device, FAQs, and even troubleshooting assistance. You can also contact support personnel at 800-767-3703 if you require a conversation about any of the RadStars. The device I now use does not connect to my iPhone, and still costs nearly $1 per strip.but it's accurate!! Diet changes, regular excercise and blood glucose monitoring were launched. I selected an iBG Star monitor because of the convenience of working with the iPhone. The strips are expensive, but I am willing to pay for usable.


GPS Tracking & Reporting

  • Track and Trace.
  • Real time web-based visibility.
  • Monitor, Manage and Improve Driving behavior.
  • Do away with excessive idling.
  • Eliminate or reduce operational costs.
  • Increase driver/worker safety.

Dispatching, Automated Routing & Scheduling Optimization

DeviceSTAR Device Monitor

Hp Device Monitor

  • Plan driver itineraries ahead of time.
  • Optimize scheduling and increase productivity.
  • Maximize resource utilization.
  • Integration with enterprise information systems.
  • Stream line work flow.
  • Improve internal processes to reduce costs.

Mobile Field Services

  • Improve field worker communication.
  • Eliminate paperwork.
  • Full mobility and two way driver communication.
  • Full work order management.
  • Full integration with Garmin navigation equipment.
  • Monitor Field workers' progress in Real-Time!

Public Transportation, Tracking, & Management

Monitor Devices On Network

  • Ensure schedule compliance.
  • Satellite Automated Public System (SAPS).
  • Automated Passenger Information System (APIS).
  • Arrival Forecast.
  • Route Management & Analytic Reports.
  • Anti-Bunching System.
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