TheAppShack: 9 out of 10 'Spooky Hoofs is a great endless runner with awesome graphics, and great power-ups, while the gothic vibe of the game makes it even better. This is one game that will be staying on my iPod for quite some time.' Uncommon Accessory that gives an additional 1% chance of finding Trick or Treat Chests. It can be upgraded into an Eternal Hoof.

If you like a spot of spooky sightseeing, then let us entice you with one of our oldest and most notorious mysteries – the “eternal devil’s horse’s hoof prints”. This eerie earthly affliction has been present for over 200 years, and is only 3 miles west of Bath.

Deeply set into the soft soil of a now forested area, all attempts to fill the hoof prints have failed. They stubbornly remain as a demonic reminder of a doomed soul who lost a bet with the devil. Nothing will thrive within any of the 5 prints that measure 6 to 10 inches wide and 5 inches deep. School children have tried leaving things inside the depressions, and every time the items vanish by the time the foolish trickster returns. Visitors to the site have apparently reported the same, spooky occurrence.

The Story of the Devil’s Horse’s Hoof Prints

Accounts vary, but the story goes that the ill fated Jesse Elliot and a few friends were racing their horses along Bath’s main street one Sunday Morning. A darkly clothed stranger had appeared earlier that morning to challenge Jesse. His perceptive, faithful dog had growled in warning at this malevolent presence, but to no avail because Jesse was set on his course of action – he loved to race.

One version of events states that Jesse was heard to shout at his horse “Take me in a winner or take to me to hell”. To which the horse immediately dug its hooves deep into the ground throwing Elliot over the reins, where he slammed into a tree, broke his neck and mercifully died instantly.

Another version explains that although Jesse was winning the race, when he reached a sharp bend in the road his horse looked back and was spooked by what it saw. This is why it hastily halted and threw its rider to his peril.

Legend has it the horse could have been the devil in disguise or perhaps his mysterious rider was the descendant of fire and brimstone. Either way, the hoof prints remain and the saucer shaped depressions can still be seen today. The Fifth ominous mark is meant to be where the devil stooped to claim Jesse’s soul as his prize, then returned with him to hell.

Spooky Hoops

Scientists have tried to explain the depressions as perhaps caused by salt veins or vents for a subterranean water pocket. But the hundreds, possibly thousands of people who have seen the hoof prints themselves attest that the legend seems to ring true. Whether or not you like to indulge in nefarious excursions to spooky places, when you stay at the Inn on Bath Creek this fall – we promise you a little slice of heaven in which to rest your weary soul. To book, call us 252-923-9571 or click here to request a booking online.

Featured on FOX News: Tapped-In ('September Side Scrollers')!

Featured on 'Offbeat iPhone Games' (

- 'Spooky Hoofs sports one of the coolest art styles we’ve ever seen in a running game for theiPhone.' '...easily one of the best time killers around'

Spooky Hoofs Meaning

- 'Incredibly atmospheric and stylish; flawless controls and great gameplay included!'

- TheAppShack: 9 out of 10 'Spooky Hoofs is a great endless runner with awesome graphics, and great power-ups, whilethe gothic vibe of the game makes it even better. This is one game that will be staying on my iPod for quite sometime.'

- 'If you’re a fan of the genre, or of really creepy iPhone titles, Spooky Hoofs is a must-have.'

- 'Spooky Hoofs for iPhone Is a Must Have for Fans of the “Creepy” Genre'


- Rated 8 out of 10 by App Store Arcade:

- Featured as New and Noteworthy on iTunes US Games, featured on Frontpage US Staff Favourites and on a whole lotmore places on iTunes worldwide!


Experience the fastest, weirdest and most addictive coach ride ever!
Guide this noble stagecoach and its blackhorses through eery woods and foggy marshes - but beware of the creepy dwellers that will cross your path...
Letthem feel your whip while jumping over dangerous pits!
Collect magic orbs to unleash the hidden powers of yourhorses. Combine all upgrades for the ultimate battle coach!
Prevail against giant boss demons that are lurking onyour way.

Spooky hoofs movieHoops

- Easy to learn Two-Button-Action
(tap left for whiplashes / acceleration, tap right to jump)

Spooky Hood Roblox

- Powerful Upgrades

- Boss Battles

- Various spooky stages to discover

Spooky Hospital Images


Spooky Ho Song

Will you get your passenger safely to her destination...?

Features Game Center and super crisp Retina Display resolution graphics.

Bonuses / Upgrades:
- 3 turquoise orbs = Invulnerable for three enemy collisions
- 3 yellow orbs = Firewhip for 30 whiplashes
- 3 purple orbs = Wings for 9 flaps (double jump in mid-air)
- Red orbs = Energy

Spooky Hoofs Restaurant

Hint: The normal whip also inflicts damage, try hitting flying enemies with your whiplashes!

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