Essentially, SongKong is an intelligent music metadata editor which can help you organise your music library just the way you want it, it can find missing artwork, correct inconsistencies and all you to fine tune how you music is displayed. Sometimes SongKong matches songs to a MusicBrainz release that has no release type such as Album, E.P or even Other. If this is the case we now default to Album Roon Artist Credits Import If you are using Roon, running SongKong over your songs first can greatly increases the number of albums that Roon identifies. SongKong is designed to be the easiest and fastest way to organize your music – identify songs, fix misspellings and add missing album art. SongKong uses intelligent acoustic matching from Acoustid to listen to your songs and find matches even when they have no information at all, but also takes advantage of existing file information to. “What is SongKong?” is a question I get asked on a reasonably frequent basis, more so than ever since the launch of the EX series of Melco machines and the release of 3.92 software for the mk1 and mk2 Melco’s as a version SongKong (Lite Edition) is included as standard.

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Sound Matters - Edition 9


Welcome to Sound Matters, Melco Audio’s newsletter designed to keep you updated on Melco news and industry insights.
​We hope you are keeping safe and well, and managing to enjoy your music.

For those of you who are new to Melco, we offer the world's first audiophile-grade source components to access, store, deliver and play Hi-Res digital music without the use of computer hardware and peripherals. Our digital music libraries are the talk of industry awards and are regularly used by leading audio manufacturers to showcase their devices.
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Happy reading and enjoy the music!
Daniel Raggett,
Melco Europe General Manager

Managing and sorting large music collections
​with SongKong

Alan Ainslie, Managing Director
Audiophile Digital Music Masters
(UK Melco distributor)
In case you haven’t been keeping up with SongKong (and, of course, SongKong for Melco),
​there has been a steady stream (!) of updates in recent months.
Highlights are many, but of note include:
  • Melco easy import of Naim libraries. including the latest versions of Naim Uniti Core metadata
  • Easy delete of complete folders from remote UI
  • Detailed report for Delete Duplicates – safety check for reasoning for a duplicate
  • Classical library features support for V4.10 Melco firmware – most importantly being WORKS instead of ALBUM
  • Filename Masks – the subject of this Blog
- Do remember that when trying SongKong actions, you can always use the UNDO FIXES
​to restore the original situation.
SongKong also lets you save your settings with a profile name and to clone and rename as profiles are modified.
Filename masks
When browsing and searching to play music, the information usually comes from metadata
associated with the music files.
SongKong is a powerful tool for ensuring that the metadata is accurate, complete and is consistent within a library.
However, metadata is not used by Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder – these file and folder finder computer interfaces use filenames to identify the music files and folders, rather than the metadata.

So, sorting music on a PC will give different results compared to using metadata on a digital player such
as a Melco or your car.
SongKong offers a handy and very powerful function if you like to organise music on a PC: you can set SongKong to make new filenames based on the metadata. This will move the position of albums within a Windows or Finder view as the folder and file names will change to match the metadata, of course. So, be prepared for what will happen if you use this function.
You can rename files based on metadata whether matched or not – it’s safer to select ‘if matched to a release’.
- This function on is located in the BASIC menu tab
Default is set to ‘NO’ so that normally whatever happens to metadata, the file stays in Explorer
​or Finder in the same place with the same file name.
Renaming files
So let’s go back a step: why are we wanting to rename files when the player does not use file names anyway?
The main reason is housekeeping: the tidying up of libraries when viewed on a computer and to allow sorting (and possibly division) of a library to categorise classical, or HD, for example. Or create small, specialist libraries of all HD classical, perhaps.
For this situation, there is an even more powerful function within SongKong: the Rename Mask function
​on the FILE NAMING tab.
You can create a rename mask for your purposes, but there are many already created by SongKong
The selection below will create a new file name prefixed with HD, providing that the album is indeed Hi-Res.
Similarly, the IsClassical/ HD etc. mask will identify HD which is also classical.
- We can see how this works with this small library:
After running the rename masks
- We get this revised view within Windows for the same library:
- And within the newly created HD folder, we see the HD artist folders and albums:
If we run a different Rename Mask IsClassical:
Then, new folders are created CLASSICAL and ROCK/POP; anything not definitively sorted remains for manual sorting.
- So within classical we now have:
- And similarly within pop:
So the rename mask is a very powerful tool for renaming the album file and folder names to allow for easy maintenance when using PC or a Mac.
Status reports are provided at all stages as either HTML or a spreadsheet.
The metadata itself is not alerted beyond the initial processing that SongKong performs to optimise the metadata.
SongKong: more than a re-tagger
As always, the SongKong website is a valuable resource for discovering the power of indispensable music library management tool which is so much more than a simple re-tagger.
So aside from the power of SongKong in creating accurate, complete and consistent metadata for libraries, SongKong is also a great tool to assist managing libraries using file and folder names.
SongKong is within the Melco on V4.10 machines, but the same full license will also apply to SongKong on a networked computer that can also access the Melco Music library and might be a more convenient way to apply SongKong for large libraries.
If you have any questions on how SongKong for Melco can work for you, please speak to your local Melco dealer or comment below.

Meet the Melco Master Dealer

In each edition of Sound Matters, we’ll be focussing on one of our Melco Master Dealers. Melco has a unique training program dedicated to creating a network of skilled ‘Master Dealers’ who have been assessed in respect to Melco features, installation and support, as well as advanced Hi-Res Audio techniques and network infrastructure for hi-fi devices.
In this edition, we’re delighted to introduce you to our Melco Master Dealer, Mike Manning Audioin Yeovil, Somerset.
Which brands do you sell?
Over the years, we have become more and more audibly critical of the products that we stock. We have never been a 'product of the moment' dealer, preferring to offer a highly selected range, based simply on absolute musicality, with a reliability to match.

Check out our website for our complete product range, but be warned, as we’re not manufacturer collectors, we just offer the ones we feel offer the best performance in their respective price ranges.
Why do you do what you do?
It has sadly become overly clichéd, but we want offer our customers the very best musical experience that we can, in their own homes and within their own budgets! With our experience of over 45 years in this industry, we make no apologies for saying that we are in a good position to do this successfully for our customers.
What do you enjoy about Melco?
Quite simply, its ability to allow so much enjoyment from stored music libraries. The sensations of speed, timing and dynamics are absolutely stunning and very non-digital! Noise levels are the absolute lowest that we have ever experienced and that’s from a huge range of streaming-type components that we have auditioned over the last few years. Build quality is typically Japanese, i.e. superb, but quite understated.
Just get a listen to a Melco N100 EX connected to Accuphase's cheapest amplifier with a built-in DAC-50 board through any decent speaker and say that you are not absolutely bowled over by the massive musical insight into your music.

New Melco Firmware v4.10

On February the 25th, we released a new over-the-air firmware update (v4.10) which brings Roon Ready integration to our five-strong EX Series of libraries, allowing Melco EX users old and new, to enjoy the full potential of Roon 1.8.
The update has already been automatically sent to owners of Melco’s current EX Series (or EX Series-updated) digital music libraries and can be simply installed from the front panel, by following the on-screen prompts.
Additional FW update features include markerless DSD compatibility for a greater number of devices, Twonky server stability improvements, plus web page stability improvements.
Further features include a screen saver dimmer mode, the ability to turn the dedicated PLAYER port off also on the N1A and N1Z models (for sound quality), plus improved language tables for French and German users.
You can read the full release notes here:

Please contact your Melco dealer with any queries on the update.

In the press

Industry-wide appreciation for Melco products:
Stereoplus - (Norway) named the N100 music library a ‘Product of the Year’ and awarded a five-star review
Hi-Fi Choice - UK: The Melco N100 featured in the 'Hi-Fi of the Year 2020' issue as the digital music library Group Test Winner
What Hi-Fi? - Best music streamers 2021 features Melco’s entry-level N100 music library
HiFi And Music Source - features an interview with Melco Europe GM, Dan Raggett and takes a look at our N100 music library

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FW Ver 4.10 [25th February, 2021]

[USB-DAC Local Player]

- Roon Ready Mode added as a Controller Mode.

Hong kong protest

*MELCO won’t be 'Roon core' or 'Roon server' because Roon requires specific processor chipset for core.

*While MELCO is working as Roon Ready USB transport, MELCO won’t accept any playback requests from UPnP AV/OpenHome Controller App.

- Devices added for MELCO marker-less DSD

Marantz SACD30


Lyric Nmode X-DP7

[Media Server]

- Roon Ready Mode:suggest to turn off the Media Servers

- Twonky Stability Improvement

[Screen Saver]

- Screen will be dimmed after 30 minutes of idle state

(home screen, no LAN connection, no usb-dac)


- PLAYER port can be set to OFF (N1A/N1Z)

- OFF state improvement (N10/N100)

[Web Remote]

- Stability Improvement

[PC Incompatible Character Fix]

- Added new case to fix

[Language table]

- Improved Germany/French Table

FW Ver 4.02 [28th May, 2020]

[Media Server]

- 'MinimServer'SongKong' Installer stability update

- Status Menu now supports new status property of 'MinimServer'

[Import from CD]

- Bugfix regarding specific character of metadata stops importing as error

[USB-DAC Local Player]

- Devices added for MELCO marker-less DSD

McIntosh C2700

Soulnote S-3

Esoteric N-01XD K-01XD K-03XD

LUXMAN D-10x D-03x


- Bugfix for specific file can be played only from front-panel, cannot from App.

[Web Remote]

- Now the setting is persistent after power off or reboot.


- [OTOTOY] Retry within the session added when bought files are not ready on site.

- [mora] Support for requirement update.

Ver. 4.01 [16th December, 2019]

MELCO Music Library System Software Ver 4.01 for N1EX/N10/N100

[Changes from N10/N100 1.03]

- Supports N1 EX Series Hardware


Home Screen for N1 EX

2-Drives RAID supoort

Power LED Brightness/RJ45 LED Control

Dedicated Expansion/Backup/USB-DAC ports

[New Support features]

- Web Remote .. Control MELCO from any web browsers

- Internal Drive Check .. Same capability as N1 3.91

[New Server features]

- Media Server Selection .. Twonky Server/Minim Server/Off are available

- Song Kong Installer/Controller

Songkong Review

Minim Server is a popular UPnP/Open Home Media Server which supports various tags.

Song Kong for MELCO Lite is a tool to obtain various tags available online.

With them, you can utilize extended tags for rich browsing experience. MELCO provides navigation tree indexes for Classical/Jazz/Rock and Pops.

*Minim Server and Song Kong can be updated separately from MELCO System Update.

*When Minim Server is available, Twonky Server is disabled and some features depend on Twonky Server also be disabled.

(ex. Playback using buttons on N1/N10/N100)

*Song Kong/Minim Server takes more time to startup than Twonky Server. You can use them after 2 minutes from boot up or enable.

*After Minim Server/Song Kong are activated, new share folder named Log will be appeared for trouble investigation.

*Please contact Song Kong and Minim Server directly if any questions.

Song Kong:

Minim Server:

Media Server Off is useful for non-UPnP environment or non-server use.

[New USB-DAC local player features]


- Song Title/Artist Name for MELCO Localplay front panel playback

- Marker-less DSD support : Mark Levinson No5805/Ayre QB-9 twenty/PRIMARE i15

- vTuner internet radio browser can be used on MELCO Music HD app

[New CD import features]

Songkong Software

- Song titles can be seen before importing

- Support Drive Tray Control with DOWN button


- New Song Title Font supports Chinese and Korean Characters

Persian Best Songs

Songkong pro

- USB-DAC local player: over 2GB WAV file can be played again


Songkong Pro

- New Time zone Option for China Standard and Taipei

- Behavior of OTOTOY downloader

- More stability for various environment

Songkong Review

- Notice when backup without date/time settings.

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