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Microscope Slide Art

Slide Art is a lightweight app designed to enable the user to produce vector art filled with joy and exploration. By making use of Metal for fluid graphics, interacting with your work is an instantaneous conversation. Moving vectors, redetermining curvature, and filling with gradients all happen in real time. The result is a playful work environment that feels part game and part canvas.

In contrast to other vector graphic tools, Slide Art's free flowing design with natural and finely tuned features has almost no learning curve. An easy pinch or fluid slide navigates seamless controls; a fascinating series of adjectives made accurate by real time rendering. Every on screen motion feels like a direct extension of your finger; the satisfaction is immense.

Slideart LS is extremely sturdy because its main components are in stainless steel. It is tested at 300kg and for 25,000 cycles with the possibility of achieving 400kg thanks to the additional roller kit. High corrosion resistance The Slideart LS components have been tested for up to 1000 hours in salt spray. No architectonic restrictions. Dutch Design furniture. Alle plywood without any screws, nails or glue.

Critical slide art


Slide art frames

Blue Slide Art Tile

The purpose to Slide Art's creation was to rethink vector-based software as a tool for creating art, where the features don't demand extensive up-front knowledge but rather grow with the user's skill in the same way that the simplicity of a pencil can just as easily portray a stick figure world or a realistic graphite creation.

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