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You are downloading the Shutterfly Mac Photos Extension, a tool that makes it faster and easier to transfer pictures to Shutterfly directly from Apple’s Photo application for the Mac. This one-time installation takes just a minute or two. Download the Shutterfly Mac Photos Extension. The extension will work with Mac OS 10.10.3 onwards. Apple started using the HEIC image format with iOS 11. It’s preferred over the incumbent JPG because of its smaller file sizes, and it’s also made its way to the Mac. HEIC can cause problems for some apps. Here’s how to easily convert HEIC files to JPG.

Sad news: Apple is discontinuing its photo printing services, which enabled you to create and order physical prints, cards, calendars, and books from within Photos on the Mac. If you’re building such a project right now, be sure to wrap up your design and place your order before September 30th, 2018. After that, Apple is directing users to download a Photos Project Extension from the Mac App Store. You’ll see this dialog whenever you click a project in Photos.

When you click the Open App Store button, Photos opens the App Store app and shows available Photos Project Extensions. Most of these extensions are free, since they’ll make their money when you order projects. Note that you’ll need to be running macOS High Sierra to access these.

These extensions aren’t exact replacements for Apple’s projects, so let’s look briefly at what they provide.

Mimeo Photos


The extension that comes closest to providing the same products and features as Apple’s print projects is Mimeo Photos, which can create cards, calendars, and books. It offers a wide array of themes.


Shutterfly app for windows 10

Motif looks quite similar to Mimeo Photos, also enabling you to create cards, calendars, and books with selected photos, and it comes from RR Donnelley, the company that was previously Apple’s partner for print projects. It doesn’t offer as many themes or options as Mimeo Photos, but it has a better interface.

Download Shutterfly Mac Photos Extension


Even though the popular Shutterfly photo service’s Web site lets you go beyond the basics to put your photos on a vast number of objects, such as pillows, candles, and trivets, the company’s Photos extension is limited to photo books. Happily, it provides quite a few different sizes and bindings, and numerous themes for each.

Fujifilm Prints & Gifts

The Fujifilm Prints & Gifts extension lets you order prints, cards, wall art, mugs and drinkware, magnets, T-shirts, puzzles, iPhone cases, and much more. However, it has a non-standard interface (basically the company’s Web site), which at this moment seems quite buggy.



Although Mpix seems to focus on prints, if you scroll down in the project list, the final option is Browse Mpix, which provides more possibilities, including photo books, calendars, collages, foil art prints, posters, keychains, magnets, playing cards, and business cards. Confusingly, with some of these items, Photos acts as nothing more than a window onto Mpix’s Web site, with no awareness of the photos you’ve selected.


WhiteWall focuses entirely on prints, with high-end choices for exotic papers and options for mounting and framing. Supported sizes range from 8″ x 6″ up to 48″ x 36″. Unfortunately, the WhiteWall prices seemed high (a framed photo was between $130 and $530, depending on size), and once you select a particular paper or frame choice, there is no way to try another with the same photo without starting another project.


Unlike all the others, the Wix extension doesn’t put photos on physical products at all. Instead, it’s designed to create on-screen photo albums for Web sites designed with the Wix service. As such, it’s potentially extremely useful for Wix users, but not at all for everyone else.

It’s too bad that Apple is getting out of the print project business since the interfaces from these extensions tend not to be as good as what we’re used to from Apple, though that could change in the future once these options mature. But these third party solutions expand the possibilities of what you can create so in the end this might be a move in the right direction giving you more choices.

These are the only extensions for Photos at this time: Post 9/30/2018 Printing Options for Photos

However, if you are able to create a PDF file for that calendar? If so there's a 3rd party online provider which used to do much of the printing for Apple, Mimeo, that will take PDF files created by iPhoto and print and bind calendars. Use the Mimeo link for direct access to the Apple Photo Project Ordering Service web page.

Or you can upload the PDF file to PrestoPhotos which can also print and bind calendars from iPhoto or Photos pdf files.

Shutterfly Mac Photos Extension Download Page


Shutterfly Picture Upload Assistant

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