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Download Scrapbook Factory Deluxe for Windows to preserve precious memories of loved ones. SewWhat Pro (64-bit) Free to try. View, edit, and convert embroidery files from various sewing. Scrapbooking with Paintshop Pro Carole Asselin of Scrapbook Campus joins me for this episode of the Scrapbooking Inspiration Podcast. Carole has been an avid PaintShop Pro user for over 10 years and has taught digital scrapbooking online and in-person to hundreds of users. For this scrapbook (which falls somewhere in between a scrapbook, travel journal, and sketchbook) I decided to go minimal with colors and simply use black on kraft, allowing my drawings and the colors in my photos to take precedence. I also decided to leave lots of negative space (blank space on the page) to give this book a minimal aesthetic.

This is not so much a software utility as it is a virus. It froze up when trying it out and has been completely useless, putting the spinning beach ball in my menubar for an hour. Once I was finally able to get into the Scrapbook preferences, I told it to not start at login... it has two variations of starting at login in the prefs—very confusing. Of course I disabled both. And then after another hour or so, I was able to quit the darn thing, and replace it with actual functional software (ClipMenu). Then... it reappeared on the next startup! So I scoured my hard drive and threw away probably a dozen things in different Library folders trying to track the pieces down. Still comes back! It has been a month that I've been trying to track down this thing... constantly throwing away a new thing from Aries software or named Scrapbook, but it always regenerates and opens itself. This thing cannot be uninstalled and it cannot be deleted, and it ALWAYS appears on startup—sucking up resources just to not work. If you try and contact the German company, they have a huge page of personal information to fill out just to ask a question. This thing ranks up there with MacKeeper... AVOID!

Carole Asselin of Scrapbook Campus joins me for this episode of the Scrapbooking Inspiration Podcast.


Carole has been an avid PaintShop Pro user for over 10 years and has taught digital scrapbooking online and in-person to hundreds of users. Over the years, she has written hundreds of tutorials and since opening the Scrapbook Campus four years ago, she has converted the plain written tutorials into multimedia ones, including videos and detailed guidebooks. When time allows, Carole also likes to create scrapbook pages but is more interested by the technical aspect of digital scrapbooking.

Listen in as we chat about using Paintshop Pro for your digital scrapbooking.

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What is PaintShop Pro?

PaintShop Pro is a graphic editing program. You can use PaintShop Pro for:

Scrapbook Projects

Scrapbook Pro
  • photo editing
  • graphics
  • scrapbooking
  • vector work
  • digital painting

New Features in Paintshop Pro

Just a few weeks ago, Paintshop Pro version X8 was released. Here are a few of the new features:

  • Text wrapping - allows you to keep your text inside a shape
  • Magic move - magic fill was added last year, this year magic move allows you to make a selection and move it and fill in the spot on the background
  • Layer palette search - you can search for a layer name and it will highlight those layers.
  • Layer palette collapse/expand - you can collapse or expand in groups with one button.
  • Merge features - merge visible layers into one layer with one click or merge selected layers. You can also merge layers onto their own layer.
  • Brush sizes - now 3000 pixels
  • Fixed selection or fixed ratio - allows you to select items and they will always be the same size
  • Real time gradient adjustment - adjusts the gradient live on your screen as you make changes
  • Batch process - much more intuitive
  • Plus easier ways to save, and other workflow details

You can take advantage of a free 30 day trial version of PaintShop Pro. No features are locked during the trial.

Take advantage of some of Carole's Scrapbook Campus classes to learn more about how you can use Paintshop Pro in your digital scrapbooking.

Don't forget to check out the Lab - brand new for PaintShop Pro users!

Happy Scrapping!

Scrapbook Pro

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