1. Get a look at Flying Meat's newest app, Retrobatch. It's a super efficient node based image processor for MacOS.
  2. Retrobatch is a new batch photo processing app for the Mac from Flying Meat, the maker of Acorn. Batch processing of photos isn’t new. There are plenty of apps available that let you manipulate collections of photos. What’s different about Retrobatch is how it goes about processing images.
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RetrobatchVersion 1.2: Makeover

Retrobath Makeover Reviews

  • New Animated Image node, which will allow you to make animated GIF or PNGs.
  • Droplet support! Use the File ▸ Save As Droplet… menu item to write out your workflow as an application, which you can then drag and drop folders and images on to run your workflow. To re-edit a workflow contained in a droplet, you can either hold down the Option key when opening the droplet, or drag and drop the droplet onto the Retrobatch app icon.
  • New Set Finder Tags node, which can assign one or more tags to images in the Finder (Pro only). This will work on the image that was most recently written- so you don't need to write out a copy of an image to set it. You can instead have a Read node, and then a Set Finder Tags right after it and Retrobatch will then set the tags on the original files.
  • The Clipboard node got some improvments:
    • It will now notice when a new image shows up on the clipboard, and update the preview accordingly.
    • If you copy a file in the Finder, it'll now use that file on disk to process through any following nodes.
  • New preferences for sending out a notificaiton when a workflow ends, as well as playing a sound.
  • The Watermark node now has a 'File Number' token, which is the image number being processed.
  • The Shell Script node has a new field where you can enter arguments to the selected script. Arguments are separated by spaces.
  • New 'Round Corners' node.
  • New 'Limit' node which will limit the number of images or PDFs allowed to pass through (Pro only).
  • New 'Image Grid' node.
  • New option for the Write Images node, which enables to you write your processed images back to the original image it came from.
  • New template 'Classify and Set Keywords' which uses Machine Learning to figure out what's in the image, and sets the metadata keyword based on what it found.
  • New 'Page Number' rule in the Rules Node. You can use this rule to say 'only let the first page of a PDF through', or 'all pages of an animated GIF except the first', or even limit images 5 though 16.

Retrobath Nj

Retrobatch comes in two different flavors- Pro and Regular. The difference between the two are the nodes available- regular has a smaller set of nodes, but the ones that are most common in every day operations. To see the whole list, visit our documentation page on Pro vs. RetroBath Makeover is a bathroom remodeling company serving the entire state of New Jersey. They offer shower and tub makeovers, tub to shower conversions, handicap/accessibility solutions, walk-in.

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