1. In regex, anchors are not used to match characters.Rather they match a position i.e. Before, after, or between characters. To match start and end of line, we use following anchors.
  2. Based on the PCRE library, RegExRX will allow a user to craft patterns that are compatible with most regular expression flavors and will let them easily copy those patterns to other languages like.
  3. Alpharetta, GA- Robert E. Windsor, MD, is recognized as an expert and thought leader in the fields of Pain Medicine and Regenerative Medicine Specialist at Georgia RegenRX. Located Alpharetta and Forest Park, Georgia, RegenRX offers expert, caring pain management and regenerative medical services to the Atlanta metropolitan area.

One of the best things about Xojo is the community. We are excited to recognize Xojo developers within the community who have made exceptional contributions as our Xojo MVPs. The purpose of the program is:

RegExRX is a regular expression editor with many features designed to help in the development and storage of regular expressions.

    1. To recognize the contributions of some members of the community. Our MVPs all have been positive forces in the Xojo community for many years.
    2. To facilitate communication with the Xojo community. The MVPs are there to help us get the word out about things going on at Xojo and also to help the community make sure we are hearing what’s going on with them.
    3. To act as an informal advisory committee. As we develop Xojo, we appreciate getting feedback in the early stages of a particular change we might be making, which is manageable with a small group. We are discussing our product planning with them and giving them very early access to features in development to get their feedback.


Meet the MVPs

Anthony Cyphers, GraffitiSuite // United States

Anthony is the Sole Proprietor and Lead Developer of GraffitiSuite Solutions. He has worked as a consultant and developed and sold products directly in the Xojo community since 2003. He loves a pretty UI, thrives on good UX, and can't sleep at night if there are open support tickets.

Jeremie Leroy, Packr // France

Regular Expression Tester



Jeremie started using Xojo in 2008 when he was a mechanical engineering student. Throughout the years he created many custom controls for Xojo and is now focusing on iOS apps. In 2017 he launched Packr, an award winning travel app that helps pack your suitcase for each trip. Almost three years later, he now has 12 Xojo-made iPhone/iPad apps on the App Store. Jeremie loves great UI and now spends half of his time marketing his apps. He is always thrilled to share his experience at Xojo conferences.

Christian Schmitz, Monkeybread Software // Germany

Christian joined the community when the first version came out in 1998, developing various freeware products. Since founding his company, Monkeybread Software, he provides various Xojo-related services like consulting, training, plugins and magazine articles. The ever-growing plugins collection provides an excellent toolbox for Xojo developers with thousands of features. Christian has organized over 10 Xojo conferences in Europe with hundreds of attendees.

Kem Tekinay, MacTechnologies Consulting // United States

Kem Tekinay is a Mac consultant and programmer who has been using Xojo since its first release to create custom solutions for clients. He is the author of the popular utilities TFTP Client and RegExRX (both written with Xojo) and lives in Connecticut with his wife Lisa, and two cats.

Wayne Golding, Axis Direct // New Zealand

Wayne Golding started Axis Direct in 2000 as a network services firm but it has morphed into a bespoke software house with development primary focused on integrating line of business processes with the cloud-based Xero accounting package. At the demise of MS VB6 he found Xojo and has been working with the product ever since. When Wayne is not glued to his computer he walks & reads (mostly hard science fiction). His hobby is robotics where he uses Raspberry Pi controllers with code written in Xojo. Wayne is married to Kerry and they have two adult children.

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