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Advance Your Quality Initiative with Qview Our comprehensive enterprise software lets clinicians communicate, collaborate and correct safety issues within a secure and protected environment. Download Hisense Qview now to enjoy it. Up to 10 people can share content on the TV at the same time. Qview supports JPEG, PNG and MP4 files. When a user leaves the app, then his or her content is. If you’re planning a small gathering or large party, then Hisense Qview is the perfect way for everyone in attendance to share the spotlight together. Simply upload your favorite videos or photos.

Qview is an application running on an ultrasound system that securely provides web access to Qpath and enables exam reporting at the bedside. The exam images and report worksheet are displayed on the ultrasound system monitor just as they would be if you logged into Qpath from a computer workstation. There you have it.

Simply put, Qview is Qpath accessed through the ultrasound system.

Introducing QView for Fast Document Review When it comes to document review, time is money and speed matters. Fast-track your investigations and discovery with fast document review and untether your vital documents from the cloud with QView. QView is a revolutionary camera that understands what it sees, bringing analytics, insights, real time notification and better security to your retail centers, offices and homes.


Eliminate the need to log into a workstation to complete the report.

Since all the work is done right on the ultrasound system, Qview eliminates the need to log into a workstation to complete the ultrasound report. Exam results are documented in Qpath from the ultrasound system before you leave the bedside. This saves time and improves compliance for adequately documenting your exams. Your Residents and colleagues will thank you.

Share exams. Submit for review. From the ultrasound system.

For clinically indicated and billable exams, credentialed providers can approve the report and send results to the electronic medical record (EMR) and images to PACS or VNA. Clinical and teaching exams can be submitted for review. All from the ultrasound system with Qview.

Qview is currently available on several ultrasound systems

GE Healthcare Logiq e R6 and above

Mindray M7, M9, and TE7

New Philips Sparq and CX50

Siemens ACUSON X150, X300, and Acuson P500

Terason 3300


New Zonare ZS3

We are continually working to improve your point of care ultrasound workflow experience.

Qview app

By partnering with ultrasound system vendors, we continue to find ways to simplify your point of care ultrasound workflow. Check back with us or contact us for updates on ultrasound systems that support Qview technology.

Additional options for documenting at the bedside.

GE Venue

GE Venue is compatible with Qpath and Qview which means you can document the exam results on the GE Venue, end the exam, and the exam report and images transfer to Qpath.

SonoSite X-Porte

The SonoSite X-Porte worksheets are compatible with Qpath which means you can document the exam results on the X-Porte, end the exam, and the exam report and images transfer to Qpath.

Zonare US systems

Qview Iqmh

Qpath exam worksheets can be imported into the Zonare ultrasound system which means you document your results on the Zonare ultrasound system, end the exam, and send the results and images to Qpath.

QView captures customer in-store video-data at various touch-points and provides insights via QInsights to enable retail stores personalize intelligent customer experiences and improve business operations.

A Smart Camera - Secure and Accurate

QView's powerful sensors use state-of-the-art depth data, computer vision and deep learning to accurately and anonymously count people and identify them per demographics.

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Know your customers - Optimize their in-store experience

Gain new insights into your customers, quantify and classify them to help you evaluate the impact of their in-store experience that will help you make better business operations decision.

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Retain your Customers - Transform your customers experience

Qview Para Hisense

After each visit to your facility, your customers receive an sms that enables them rate their experience at your retail outlet or office. QInsight collects these data and processes it to give a very easy to understand visualizations so you can keep customers happy.


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