Pro Tools 2019.12 has been released with support for macOS Catalina. This latest update allows users to start the process of transitioning to the latest macOS. However, there are limitations and restrictions with this initial Pro Tools release you should be aware of before upgrading.

Since Apple released their latest Operating System, macOS Catalina (10.15.1), there has been a scramble to re-develop and adapt the Pro Tools software to be compatible. Avid has just released the latest version of Pro Tools with support for macOS Catalina, Pro Tools 2019.12. While this is great news for people using Catalina, there are some restriction on this latest release that need to be considered before upgrading.

While most audio related features are available, there is no support yet for import/export of MOV, MP4, M4A, or AAC files. Basically, if you're working with video, you will not have support for importing video files into Pro Tools 2019.12 Furthermore, if you are working with audio files in AAC or M4A, you will have to convert these files for WAV or AAF in order to use them. Check out the info below for a full list of supported files and functionality.


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Audio Record, Playback, and Mixing

AVID Plug-ins (check with 3rd party manufacturer for specific Catalina support)

Pro Tools and Pro Tools Ultimate Software 2019.12 Windows 10 — 12/16/19 2 Installation of QuickTime Windows may fail with a application hang (PT-243411) The installation of Apple QuickTime may hang and must be force quit on the Windows Operating System. This can occurs regardless of your Pro Tools installation.

WAV / AIFF / MP3 - Import / Export

MXF (OP-Atom) Audio Import / Export

MXF (OP-Atom) Video Import

AAF / OMF - Import / Export


MOV, MP4, M4V, DV - Audio / Video - Import

Pro tools 2019.12 mojave

M4A / AAC - Audio Import

MOV - Audio / Video Export (Bounce To Quicktime)

We encourage everyone to be careful when deciding to upgrade. Make sure to check with any 3rd parts plug-in companies to make sure they too support macOS Catalina. If you're not having any issues with your current version of Pro Tools, you might want to consider waiting to upgrade until Avid has resolved all issues with the Pro Tools software. This is what we intend on doing.

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