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A tiny, 7-week-old puppy named Pippa arrived at the Atlanta Humane Society with her family. Her mom and dad were in rough shape, as was her brother, but Pippa was in the saddest shape of all.

Source: not.harriet/Instagram

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She had severe mange which had caused all her fur to fall out. She had sores and wounds as well. A woman, named Amanda Harris, saw a photo of Pippa online and rushed to the Humane Society. Harris knew she could help the poor little pup and she could thrive under her care.

In spite of her tiny size, Pippa had a strong fighting spirit. She was sent home with Harris with medication. Pippa immediately bonded to her foster mom and was eager to give cuddles.

Source: Little Paws/YouTube

Harris was amazed by Pippa’s tenacity and huge personality even though she was so young and tiny. Despite her uncomfortable itchy skin, Pippa continued to beg her foster mom for affection and Harris gladly gave in.

Harris and her deep love for Pippa helped to heal the little pup. In just a few days, Pippa’s skin already showed progress. Within a few weeks, her skin looked totally healed and her cream-colored fur started to grow!


Amanda Harris uploaded heartwarming videos of Pippa to social media and the tiny dog developed quite the following! In fact, her ‘social media fame’ helped her to find a forever family!

Many wonder how foster moms like Harris are able to part with their fosters after developing such a bond and while the process isn’t simple, the answer is: They have to make room for other animals who need the same care so they too can transition and find a loving home. Without fosters, many of these animals wouldn’t stand a chance.


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The Dickson family welcomed Pippa with open arms. In fact, Pippa bonded immediately to one of the family dogs and the two are inseparable!

Source: Little Paws/YouTube

Terri Dickson, Pippa’s new mom, wrote:

Hi, my name is Terri. My husband Duke and I are happy to post that we are “Pippa’s” forever family 💕It has been 3 weeks now since her adoption, and we love her so very much! She also has our daughter Mary, son-in-law Marc and their pup Madden in her new family. At her first veterinary appointment, she was found to be in good health and with continued treatment, her coat is getting thicker too. We are grateful that she has had a lot of nice people rooting for her little life and we will continue to share her with you on this page. Thank you!

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Pippa, although tiny, has the heart of a warrior. She continues to make great strides with her new family and they can’t imagine life without her. Watch the video below to meet Pippa and learn more of her story!

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