To sign PDF online, click on the document, select a signature type, create your electronic signature, and add it to the document. National Informatics Centre, Kerala State Centre 6. After successful installation, an icon for NICDSign will be seen at the right side of the taskbar.

How to sign a PDF with DigiSigner

These step by step instructions explain how to sign a PDF. Our free online signature tool allows you to sign PDF online (plus Word, IMG, TXT, XLS) with ease and, even better, it's 100% free with no registration required!

1. Upload a file

Start off by simply clicking the 'choose file' link to upload a PDF, Word, TXT, IMG, TXT or XLS document that you want to sign off or just drop your file into the blue box, as shown in the image below:


In just a few seconds your file will be fully available once the upload is completed.

2. Apply your edits

Once you're in, you can select the type of edits you want to apply to your document. This tool is fully equipped with everything you need, not only to create an electronic signature but also to fill out your forms online by adding text, selecting checkboxes, inserting the current date, or even initialing where necessary.

3. Create a free electronic signature

Hover the mouse over the areas where you want to apply your signature and click on the document.

Feel free to sign PDF in whatever way you like. This signature maker tool offers three different options to create electronic signatures:

A) Draw an e-signature using a mouse or touchpad.

B) Type your name.

C) Scan an image of your signature and upload it to the document.

4. Fill out the document

As we mentioned earlier, you can also add check marks, dates, text, or initials to any page of your document. Simply select the type of function you want to use, select the area, and type in the information.

5. Download your document for free!

Pdf Signer Customer Care


When ready, click DONE to proceed. Our free online signature tool will create a PDF file that can be downloaded completely for free without any registration! Simply click DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT and save the file on your computer.

PDF Signer can be used to add your signature to PDF documents. The main function of PDF Signer is to sign PDF documents using X.509 digital certificates. Using this product you can quickly sign PDF files by selecting input and output PDF files. With this PDF Signer software, you can prepare and send your PDF documents for e-signature with just a few clicks, it's easy.

PDF Signer offers you the best way to create and use an e-signature. The PDF Signer software is easy to use and allows users to sign PDF in under 5 minutes. All the signatures that you signed are all legally binding and enforceable just as the physical signatures.

Adding a signature to a PDF is one of most common edits that needs to be made to a file. This is especially true for lawyers, government officials, and professionals who frequently deal with contracts and legal documents. Fortunately, in most countries electronic signatures are just as legitimate from a legal perspective as a hand written signature. Instead of printing the document, signing it by hand, and then scanning it back to your computer, it is much easier to write signature on PDF digitally. If you need to sign a PDF document, using PDF Signer is the faster, easier, more environmentally-friendly way to sign.

PDF Signer highlight features:
* Support for certificates issued on smart cards.
* Time Stamping.
* SHA 256/512 support.
* Bypass smart card/USB dongle PIN.
* No need to print & scan!
* Signing agreements and contracts over email.
* Signing any PDF Form (W-9, 1040, etc...).
* Add text anywhere in any font and size. The text is added as native PDF text.
* Add your scanned signature, or any other image, with full control of size and orientation.
* Rotate entire document with 1-click - perfect for handling documents that were scanned in reverse order.
* No annotations or other objects that stick out in PDF Readers.
* Doesn't blow up file size, to avoid hassles send over email.
* Save as new PDF, or Print - up to you.
* Visible signatures - image and/or description located visualy in a PDF file (page and position can be specified).
* Several different keystore types.
* Timestamps from authority in signature (TSA).
* Certificate validation through CRL and/or OCSP.
* Setting certification level.
* Setting hash algorithm.
* PDF encryption and setting rights.
* Comprehensive Swing GUI.
* Support for batch processing (controlled by command line arguments, without GUI).
* Support Command Line operation.
PDF Signer Tip: Write Signature on PDF Electronically to Save Paper
In the past, if you needed to sign pdfs, you had to print every agreement that required a signature. So it's not surprising that almost everyone instinctively prints an agreement as soon as they see it in their inbox. And that adds up to a lot of wasted paper! Happily, new solutions like this PDF Signer tool allow you to sign a PDF document in seconds. It's faster and more eco-friendly to insert signature in PDF documents, quickly and easily.
No more printing. No more signing by hand. No more mailing back forms. With the PDF Signer tool, you can easily sign PDFs and send your forms electronically right from your desktop, browser, or mobile app.
Configurable Signature Appearance: PDF Signer provides a fully configurable appearance for its digital signatures. The positioning of the signature appearance is configurable, plus on which pages of the document it should appear (first page, last page or all pages).
PKI Interoperability: PDF Signer is completely PKI neutral and will work with PKI components from any vendor (this includes CAs, certificates, CRLs, smartcards, etc.).
Timestamping: Like signatures, timestamps are easier to verify when they're associated with a timestamp authority's trusted certificate. Including a timestamp helps to prove that the document wasn't changed after you had signed it and it reduces the chances of an invalid signature.
Long-Term Validation Purposes: Using our software you can sign and timestamp PDF documents for long-term validation purposes. PDF Signer supports advanced digital signatures which include embedded RFC 3161 compliant secure timestamps. Such signatures can be verified even after the signer's certificate expires or is revoked.
SHA 256, SHA 512 Algorithms and RSA 2048: Our software can digitally sign and time stamp PDF documents using SHA 256 or SHA 512 hash algorithms (also known as SHA2 algorithms) and RSA 2048 or higher key length.
PAdES Standard: PDF Signer is compatible with PAdES and PAdES-LTV (Long Term Validation).
Document Certification: When you certify a PDF, you indicate that you approve of its contents.
The license for PDF Signer is a lifetime license. There is no additional cost like monthly / annual fees or fees per use. When a new version is released you can continue using your purchased version as usual.
The technical support and software updates are free for 12 months after purchase.
If you will use the product for personal use, you will need a Personal License.
If you will use the product for commercial use (company use), you will need a Commercial License.

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