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Brooklyn Museum - Month of Pausha Page from a Baramasa Series

Pausha (Sanskrit: पौषPauṣa; Hindi: पूसPus; Tamil: தைTai) is a month of the Hindu calendar and as well in the Indian national calendar; it's the tenth month of the year, corresponding with December/January in the Gregorian calendar.[1]

In lunar Hindu calendars, Pausha (also called Paush or Poush maas) begins with either the full or new moon in December and is the ninth month of the year. Since it follows the lunar cycle, its start and end varies year by year unlike the solar cycle Hindu calendars. Pausha is a winter (Shishir Ritu) month.[2][3] The Hindu lunar month Pausha overlaps with its solar month Dhanu in the Hindu lunisolar calendars.[4][5]


Pausa Bahula Amavasya day is celebrated Theppotsavam (Float festival) at Sri Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Swamyvari Temple in Simhachalam. The ‘Utsava idols’ are taken in a palanquin to ‘Varaha Pushkarini’.[6]

Shukla PakshaKrishna Paksha
1. Prathama1. Prathama
2. Dwitiya2. Dwitiya
3. Tritiya3. Tritiya
4. Chaturthi4. Chaturthi
5. Panchami5. Panchami
6. Shashti6. Shashti
7. Saptami7. Saptami
8. Ashtami8. Ashtami
9. Navami9. Navami
15.Purnima15. Amavasya

inform start and End of Amavasya

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Pashua Documentation

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My appointment was at 1:15. I arrived early and as soon as I was checked with the nurse was standing there and took me to see Dr. Huffman. Azalea is on top of things. He was very good to talk to as well. I live outside of Paris, Texas and I have a long way to come, but it is worth it to come to an awesome place like Azalea. You feel like they really care about you!

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This was the best experience I have ever had in regard to any doctor’s office. We were always in and out of the doctor’s office within 30 minutes. We absolutely love Dr. Schreiber.

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I have used Dr. Dennis for several years now. I would not go anywhere else. I love this doctor’s office!

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Best doctor’s office ever — respectful, kind, thoughtful. Dr. Merrick prayed with me. Came in for follow-up, had been sitting with mom at the hospital for days. Dr. Merrick even prayed for my mom.

Ricky B.

Want to give a big shout out and thank you to Dr. Robert Dennis and his dedicated crew/staff for all they do. Dr. Dennis received my knee, once again, of the discomfort and explaining the what’s and the why’s in laymen's terms. Y’all are “the” reason why, anyone considering surgery should have Azalea Orthopedics among their top choices!!

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James B.
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