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The UO's astronomical observatory in Central Oregon. Following University of Oregon’s Directive. Pine Mountain Observatory will not be opening On 2021 Memorial day weekend. 2021 Global Observatory Directory. Directory of over 1,000 professional astronomical observatories and telescopes worldwide. Also see the Event Horizon Telescope, radio telescopes, space telescopes, and space ports. There are over 350 professional observatories operating.

Directory of over 1,000 professional astronomical observatories and telescopes worldwide.
Also see the Event Horizon Telescope, radio telescopes, space telescopes, and space ports.

U.S. Observatories

There are over 350 professional observatories operating in the United States.
Here are the 15 largest telescopes in the U.S.

Alabama observatories
Alaska observatories
Arizona observatories
Arkansas observatories
California observatories
Colorado observatories
Connecticut observatories
DC observatories
Delaware observatories
Florida observatories
Georgia observatories
Hawaii observatories
Idaho observatories
Illinois observatories
Indiana observatories
Iowa observatories
Kansas observatories
Kentucky observatories
Louisiana observatories
Maine observatories
Maryland observatories
Massachusetts observatories
Michigan observatories
Minnesota observatories
Mississippi observatories
Missouri observatories
Montana observatories

Nebraska observatories
Nevada observatories
New Hampshire observatories
New Jersey observatories
New Mexico observatories
New York observatories
North Carolina observatories
North Dakota observatories
Ohio observatories
Oklahoma observatories
Oregon observatories
Pennsylvania observatories
Rhode Island observatories
South Carolina observatories
South Dakota observatories
Tennessee observatories
Texas observatories
Utah observatories
Vermont observatories
Virginia observatories
Washington observatories
West Virginia observatories
Wisconsin observatories
Wyoming observatories
Puerto Rico observatories
Virgin Islands observatories

Observatories Worldwide

There are over 600 professional observatories operating worldwide outside of the United States.

Observatories in Africa
Observatories in Antartica

Backyard Observatories For Sale

Observatories in Australia
Observatories in Canada
Observatories in the Canary Islands (Spain)
Observatories in Central America & Mexico
Observatories in Central Asia
Observatories in Chile
Observatories in China
Observatories in India
Observatories in Japan
Observatories in the Middle East
Observatories in New Zealand
Observatories in South America
Observatories in Southeast Asia
Observatories in Europe

Austria observatories
Belgium observatories
Bulgaria observatories
Croatia observatories
Czech Republic
Denmark observatories
Estonia observatories
Finland observatories
France observatories
Germany observatories
Greece observatories
Hungary observatories
Italy observatories
Lithuania observatories
Netherlands observatories
Norway observatories
Poland observatories
Portugal observatories
Romania observatories
Slovakia observatories
Spain observatories
Sweden observatories
Switzerland observatories

Observatories in the UK

England observatories
Scotland observatories
Wales observatories
Ireland observatories


Observatory Quest Osrs

Observatory Near Me

Argentina observatories
Brazil observatories
Chile observatories
Indonesia observatories
Iran observatories
Israel observatories
Kazakhstan observatories
Lebanon observatories
Mexico observatories

Russia observatories
Singapore observatories
South Africa observatories
South Korea observatories
Thailand observatories
Turkey observatories
Ukraine observatories
Venezuela observatories

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