Go to Settings Personalization Lock screen, and select Screen saver settings.In the Screen Saver Settings window, choose a screen saver from the drop-down list. Change your screen saver settings.

  • The windows photo screen saver, for god knows what reason, only displays photos on ONE screen. I want photos (my own photos) on the screen saver, and I don't want to give away my google password to the creator of this extension, to have my own photos shown from Google Photos. Just local photos, please. Hope you fix this.
  • Channel Screen Saver might not work properly It's not possible to exit the lens screen saver with the mouse. If you find a way to exit the screen saver, it crashes.

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Nz Earthquakes Screen Saver Youtube


Rainbowland Clock will snatch a minute for you to relax and travel to a far-faraway country, where the foaming sea washes the shores covered with ever-blossoming flowers. You will enjoy the lively dance of colors and take a piece of rainbow with you.. Clock Screensavers and widgets: go into the stream of the new Time!. Free clock screensavers!

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    Clock, Desktop, Hands, Happy, Merry, One, Rainbow, Saver, Screen, Spirit

  • License: Freeware
  • Cost: $0.00 USD
  • Size: 1.8 MB

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NZ Earthquakes Screen Saver

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Screen Saver Windows 7



NZ Earthquakes Screen Saver

Enhanced Edition Features:

Nz Earthquakes Screen Savers

Six Preset Viewsthat you can use to save display setting configurations
Custom Colors that you can use to customize the display colors
Lunar and Solar Rings that that show the positions of the Sun and Moon
Custom Captions let the user add a text label to the display
Screensavermode uses preset View #1 as your screensaver
A Refresh timerwill automatically update the Earthquake information
Alarm Chimes (or user WAVfile) will sound when new Earthquakes are detected
An External Earth image may be used instead of the four internal ones that are built in
Individual Earthquakes may be selected to show their information on the Controls window
Double right click on flags for detail pageswith extended Earthquake information andlocal maps
Min and max filter range settings
Different Earthquake feed listscan be selected – including user CSV

Nz Earthquakes Screen Saver Free


USGS Last 24 Hours is from the USA and includes all USA Earthquakes along with world Earthquakes larger than 4.0
USGS Last 7 Daysis from the USA and includes all USA Earthquakes larger than 2.5and world Earthquakes larger than 4.0
USGS Last 60 Minutes is from the USA and includes all USA Earthquakes along with world Earthquakes larger than 4.0
USGS Last 30 daysis from the USA and includes all Earthquakes larger than 4.5
Geoscience Last 7 Daysfrom Australia
EMSC Last 50 Earthquakesfrom Europe includes Euro-MedEarthquakes larger than 2.0and world Earthquakes larger than 4.0
Geophon Last 20 Earthquakesfrom Germany
BGS Last 30 Daysfrom the UK
GeoNet Last 30 Earthquakesfrom New Zealand
CUSTOMUser data may be entered using local or remote CSVtext files

NZ Earthquakes Screen Saver

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