The barcode generator allows you to create a barcode graphic by selecting barcode symbology and inserting barcode data.


Click on the 'Generate Barcode' button to create a graphic containing your barcode. Right click to copy or save the barcode, then paste or insert the barcode into your document.

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  2. Very nice generator. I used to have to use Neil Fraser Voxel Sphere Generator then find the middle slice to get a circle:o This is a whole lot more convenient. Only suggestion: Add code so that a block can be highlighted so people won't lose their place while building:).

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* The Barcode Generator is a free service, but does not include any sort of guarantee or technical support.


Your generated barcode:

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Barcode types





A self-checking and binary level linear barcode symbology with no check sum digit appended. Widely used in libraries and package delivery systems


Double density data encoding, ASCII character set supported.


Fully alphanumeric barcode for use with>

Code-39 full ASCII

28 ASCII character set including asterisks supported


European Article Number, used for global retail.


Small package marking where an EAN-13 barcode would be too large.


A variant of Code 128 - it automatically inserts a FNC1 character after the initial character.

2 of 5

Used on 135 film, for ITF-14 barcodes, and on packaging.

ITF 14

Higher level packaging. GTIN included.


A matrix barcode readable by QR scanners and smartphones. Adaptable size to the amount of encoded data.


Product identifying at retail checkout. GTIN included.


Product identifying at retail checkout. GTIN (compressed) included. Adapted for smaller packages.


High capacity, symbol size adjusts automatically depending on the amount of input data.


High capacity, optimal for small packages.


43 characters allowed. ASCII character set supported by using combinations of 2 characters.

Micro QR

Reduced size and capacity of a normal QR code. Optimal when the barcode size needs to be minimized.


Reduced size and capacity of a normal QR code. Optimal when the barcode size needs to be minimized.


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A barcode is an optical, machine-readable, representation of data; the data usually
describes something about the object that carries the barcode.

Originally barcodes systematically represented data by varying the widths and spacings of parallel lines, and may be referred to as linear or one-dimensional (1D).

Niche generator

Later two-dimensional (2D) codes were developed, using rectangles, dots, hexagons and other geometric patterns in two dimensions, usually called barcodes although they do not use bars as such.

Barcodes originally were scanned by special optical scanners called barcode readers. Later applications software became available for devices that could read images, such as smartphones with cameras.

Barcode benefits

  • Fast-selling items can be identified quickly and automatically reordered.
  • Slow-selling items can be identified, preventing inventory build-up.
  • The effects of merchandising changes can be monitored, allowing fast-moving, more profitable items to occupy the best space.
  • Historical data can be used to predict seasonal fluctuations very accurately.
  • Items may be repriced on the shelf to reflect both sale prices and price increases.
  • This technology also enables the profiling of individual consumers, typically through a voluntary registration of discount cards. While pitched as a benefit to the consumer, this practice is considered to be potentially dangerous by privacy advocates.

Source: Wikipedia


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A translator to convert normal text to fancy text which you can copy and paste.


Generating fancy text


So perhaps, you've generated some fancy text, and you're content that you can now copy and paste your fancy text in the comments section of funny cat videos, but perhaps you're wondering how it's even possible to change the font of your text? Is it some sort of hack? Are you copying and pasting an actual font?

Well, the answer is actually no - rather than generating fancy fonts, this converter creates fancy symbols. The explanation starts with unicode; an industry standard which creates the specification for thousands of different symbols and characters. All the characters that you see on your electronic devices, and printed in books, are likely specified by the unicode standard.

Unicode text

Amongst the hundreds of thousands of symbols which are in the unicode text specifications are certain characters which resemble, or are variations of the alphabet and other keyword symbols. For example, if we can take the phrase 'thug life' and convert its characters into the fancy letters '𝖙𝖍𝖚𝖌 𝖑𝖎𝖋𝖊' which are a set of unicode symbols. These different sets of fancy text letters are scattered all throughout the unicode specification, and so to create a fancy text translator, it's just a matter of finding these sets of letters and symbols, and linking them to their normal alphabetical equivalents.

Unicode has a huge number of symbols, and so we're able to create other things like a wingdings translator too. Also if you're looking for messy text, or glitchy text, visit this creepy zalgo text generator (another translator on LingoJam).

Copy and paste

After generating your fancy text symbols, you can copy and paste the 'fonts' to most websites and text processors. You could use it to generate a fancy Agario name (yep, weird text in agario is probably generated using a fancy text converter similar to this), to generate a creative-looking instagram, facebook, tumblr, or twitter post, for showing up n00bs on Steam, or just for sending messages full of beautiful text to your buddies.

The only exception is if your paste destination has a font which doesn't support some unicode characters. For example, you'll might find that some websites don't use a unicode font, or if they do, the font doesn't have all the characters required. In that case, you'll see a generic 'box' in which was created when the browser tries to create a fancy letter. This doesn't mean there's an error with this translator, it just means the website's font doesn't support that character.

Niche Generator

Mildly off topic, but you might also be interested in Facebook emojis - that's a massive searchable list of all the emojis that you can use in your Facebook posts and chat. And actually, I made an 🐌 Emoji Translator 🎲 which you might like.

If there's anything that I can do to improve this online fancy generator thing (e.g. by adding other font styles that you've found), then please let me know in the suggestions box! If you've found new copyable fonts that aren't in this generator, please share them below as well. Thanks!

Nic Generator

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