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Expert Witness Case 48 A 66-year-old woman presented to an orthopedic surgeon with knee pain. A knee replacement was recommended and she had surgery in December 2017. And there are GOOD newsletters. Expert Paul Jarvis shares some great advice on how to produce the latter. Newsletter Research. Newsletter Research. Newsletter author Joseph Lichterman shares the 4 steps he took as he did research before launching his newsletter Solution Set.

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Examples of Recent EMF Newsletter Articles (Free)

A few of our most popular recent EMF Experts Newsletter articles have included such topics as:

  • 10 Tips in 10 Minutes: The Fast Guide for Lowering EMF in Home
  • Selling Your Cellphone Location Data is a Hot Commodity
  • USA Cities Sue FCC for Over-Reach on the 5G Buildout
  • How Our Bodies Turn Hotdogs Into Electricity
  • The Ingenious ways NASA uses the EMF Spectrum to Probe Space
  • Big TeleComm Confesses to USA Senate 'No 5G Safety Studies'
  • Science Finds Link Between Mold and EMF Exposure
  • Separating Fact from Fiction in the Global 5G Frenzy

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Our newsletter is read by thousands around the world, and we are both gratified and grateful for our growing professional community of contributing guest authors'. And we are proud to say this includes EMF Expert Consultants worldwide, who are graduates of our EMF Expert Consultant Certification Training) .

We also include advertorials (interesting reader-approved ads) that are intended to inform and to put readers in direct touch with various EMF Consultants' specialties and other sought after professional EMF services. Our newsletter is focused on connecting people with information and help, however occasionally we also offer advertised products once they have earned the 'good housekeeping' seal of approval by EMF Experts.

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Our Newsletter Also Offers EMF Training

The EMF Experts News also offers useful EMF training articles, and priority members-only content, written by EMF professionals, engineers, and our graduate students, to bring the key EMF detection ad protection information needed in today's high tech world to everyone.
Training articles include such topics as EMF metering and EMF shielding use, practical EMF-reducing strategies, and many other indispensable skills and resources, offered with with a low-cost monthly EMF Experts News Member subscription.

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The EMF Expert Newsletter Membership is an excellent option for simply up-leveling your practical working knowledge of EMF, and in particular for those in situations where:

  • you need a great way to obtain trustworthy professional training at the lowest possible cost,
  • you would like to get more familiar with EMF issues and solutions since you plan to obtain professional EMF training credentials
  • you already feel well trained EMF-wise and want to keep current with new training developments due to ever expanding technology upgrades (think IoT - the Internet of Things),
  • you would like to have your EMF-related business or service be included in the EMF Professional Directory and have your directory listing state that you are an 'EMF Expert Professional Member'
  • you are looking for a support network of professional EMF peers
  • you are an EMF Consultant and would like information and resources for increasing and developing your business

Newsletter Expert Job

Additional highly specialized content is designed for both the continuing education and the professional development of our Certified EMF Consultant graduates to enable them to keep their professional certification credentials both current in the EMF Professional Directory and relevant to both their own and their clients’ evolving needs.

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