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NBT Explorer

Navigate to in NBTExplorer your world save and then to the sub-category of “playerdata.” Change the value in “playerGame Type” using the same 0-4 values outlined in the previous section. To switch our player mode to creative without having to use the in-game work around, we need to edit the “playerGame Type” value to 1. NBTExplorer is an open source graphical NBT (Named Binary Tag) data editor for Minecraft. It supports reading and writing in a number of formats including Standard NBT files (e.g. Level.dat), Schematic files, Uncompressed NBT files (e.g. Idcounts.dat), Minecraft region files and more.

NBT Explorer aims to provide a simple yet powerful set of toolsfor viewing and modifying the NBT structure in various parts of the Minecraft server software.


Nbtexplorer download

By full release I aim to have NBT Explorer be fullyfunctional in command line mode but as of right nowyou must be a player to use the following commands:

  • /explore [world] <x> <y> <z> <Entity UUID> - Displays the NBT structure for the specified block/entity (requires nbtexplorer.command.explore). If no arguments are supplied you will target whatever block/entity you are looking at
  • /exploreitem - - Displays the NBT structure for the item in your hand (requires nbtexplorer.command.exploreitem)


There is no configuration file generated when this plugin isinstalled. This plugin does not require any configuration.You can create a config.yml in plugins/NBTExplorerand fill it with the following optional entries:

  • reach - (Integer, default 100) the distance in blocks to check when executing /explore

Experimental Status

NBT Explorer is currently flagged as experimental due to the factthat it has not been heavily tested and still lacks some featuresthat I hope to implement by full release. Please be aware that at the moment there is no wayto add NBT tags to existing compounds/lists, only edit already existing tags (thats next on my list of things to implement).

Nbtexplorer Mac

About Project

Created Jun 3, 2014
Total Downloads2,011



NBTExplorer is a low-level graphical NBT data editor for Minecraft and other software using NBT data files. The directory-tree interface allows you to easily explore multiple worlds and manipulate data.

Nbtexplorer modNbtexplorer

NBTExplorer fully supports:

  • Standard NBT files (e.g. level.dat)
  • Minecraft region files (*.mcr)
  • Minecraft anvil files (*.mca)
  • Uncompressed NBT files (e.g. idcounts.dat)
  • Schematic files
  • Cubic Chunks region files
Q: NBTExplorer didn’t save my changes — why?

A: It’s possible you forgot to save. The more likely answer is NBTExplorer did save your changes, and if you were to immediately re-open your world in NBTExplorer, you would see that your changes are still there. Instead, Minecraft erased or ignored your changes when you loaded your world. The most common trap is editing player settings or inventory on a single-player world and making your changes in a .dat file instead of in level.dat. Minecraft will overwrite your .dat file on load with the contents of the player tag in level.dat.

Q: I’m on Windows and NBTExplorer crashed on start / didn’t run.


A: Did you get a message box listing one or more exceptions? Reply to this thread with the information so you can be better helped.

If you didn’t get any message box though, or you only received a standard “program has stopped working” message box, then you have deeper issues with your .NET environment. Do any other .NET programs run on your computer? If yes, then try deleting the NBTExplorer.exe.config file that was installed / came with the zip. This will cause NBTExplorer to prefer the .NET 2.x/3.x framework over the 4.x framework, and may allow the program to run if your .NET 4.x framework is toast. You should still do something about that, of course.

Nbtexplorer Online

Q: I’m on Windows and NBTExplorer crashed with a scary warning.

A: Windows 8 and later includes a program filter called “SmartScreen” that prevents unrecognized software from running. Its warning looks something like this:

If you see this screen, press the “More info” link to get a “Run Anyway” button. This will launch the program, and you shouldn’t see the warning again unless you update NBTExplorer.

Nbtexplorer Mac

NBTExplorer is SAFE and has an established reputation in the Minecraft community. However, you don’t need to take my word at face-value. The source code is publicly available for inspection, and you can download and build your own copy if you so wish.

SmartScreen builds up reputation on individual files. So you may see this warning if you download a freshly released update of NBTExplorer, but not if you download a version that has been out for a while. Unfortunately the permanent fix for this is to buy very expensive signing certificates that must be renewed annually, which is not viable for a free tool like this.

Q: The Mac version doesn’t run on my Mac!

A: If you’re running OSX 10.6.x or earlier, the Mac version is confirmed to not work. It has been tested and confirmed to work for people on 10.7.x and 10.8.x, although that may still not be a guarantee that it will work for you, or that it will be bug-free.

If you’re having problems running the Mac-specific version of NBTExplorer, there is still a high probability that you can run the Windows/Linux version instead. thhinds has posted a more detailed set of instructions here. It won’t be as pretty — you’ll get a very crude looking version of Windows UI styling instead of native OSX styling, but it should still do the job. I can’t do anything about this unless an experienced Cocoa developer that also has some .NET/Mono experience is willing to step up and help me determine why it won’t run on older versions of OSX.

Q: When I run the Mac version, I see: OSStatus error -67053

Nbtexplorer 2.8.0

A: It has been reported that this is caused by Gatekeeper disallowing NBTExplorer from running because it is not a properly signed application. Please refer to the instructions in the “Mac Users” section above for bypassing GateKeeper’s check. NOTE: As of August 22, 2013, I have begun signing NBTExplorer. Try downloading the latest version first.

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