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If you are looking for a digital video baby monitor with two camera’s at baby’s end then you are in the right place. In this post i am going to include the most highly rated and excellent above 4.5/5 star reviewed baby monitors with 2 cameras. These are from different brands and does the job almost exactly and perfectly well.

RV Backup Camera System with a Dual Rear Camera 2 side cameras and Monitor. 5 4 3 2 1 (2) $599.99 $749.99. Digital Wireless Rear View System for RV with 3 Cameras and Monitor. 5 4 3 2 1 (15) $749.99 $879.99. Customize and Upgrade. Regular Price: $ 589.99: Saturday Special: $ 499.99: You Save: $90.00 (15. MobiCam Multi-Purpose, WiFi Video Baby Monitor - Baby Monitoring System - WiFi Camera with 2-way Audio, Recording.

Security Monitor Pro can preview, detect motion, record video, and take photos from multiple IP Cameras at the same time. The Camera Thumbnail View bar shows a reduced-size preview of each camera. The exact number depends on the window size and your screen resolution. Camera monitors are screens used with cameras or camcorders for a better view of focus areas and the final object. To secure them, you can use monitor mounts that stabilize the additional hardware. HD monitors with HDMI connections are ideal for newer DSLR cameras and GoPro equipment as they require only one connection for both audio and video.

If you have two children or twins and want to monitor them at once while they are in different places or rooms, then you are in the right place. This post includes the best 5 digital video baby monitors with two or more cameras.

This collection includes vmai, Moonbaby & LBtech from $60 to 150 dollars, So according to your budget, you can pick the best baby monitor which will suit your needs. I am including the important features of these baby monitors for easy comparisons.

2021 Trends:

Auto-Switch IR Night Vision
360 degree view
In-built lullabies
2.4GHz FHSS Technology super-stable ultra-secure connection
2.4' Screen
2.4GHz FHSS technology
360° Manual Rotated Camera
2x Zoom-In
Multi-Camera Expandability
Temperature detection
Portability - Up to 1000 feet
Adjustable Brightness

2021 Trends of Best baby monitors with 2 cameras for 2 rooms Are:

1) BEST PICK Infant Optics dxr-8

Infant optics DXR – 8 is a new arrival baby monitor with excellent ratings. But it only comes with one camera. Infant Optics is also one of the top baby monitor on the market with the best build quality, Very good cameras with world’s first interchangeable lens and all the other features you can find in a camera.

Multiple Camera Monitor

Since it only comes with one camera, you need to buy an additional camera for $99 dollars. The whole package will be less than $290 dollars and it is definitely well worth it. Also if you are interested in this baby monitor, then go through the full review of Infant Optics DXR-8 with video review.

2) Motorola digital baby video monitor

This is the newest Motorola digital video baby monitor. This is absolutely perfect baby monitor with all the features and worth the price. Some notable features of this amazing baby monitor are,

Monitor Camera For Pc

  1. 2 Camera and 1 baby monitor
  2. Secure signals
  3. 3.5 inch full color LCD screen
  4. Zoom, tilt and pan
  5. Infrared Night vision
  6. Room temperature indicator
  7. Sound indicator
  8. 590 ft rage
  9. two way talk

3) Samsung ultra view baby monitor


This is a samsung ultra-view baby monitor and it is on discount right now. Affordable buut the best and one of the highley rated baby monitors for your choice. This comes with two cameras so you can monitor two rooms or two different places at ones. Some features of this monitor are,

Multiple Monitor Camera System

Samsung ultraview 3038 baby video

  1. Comes with 2 cameras and one monitor
  2. 3.5 Inch LCD monitor
  3. Two way talk
  4. 900 ft range
  5. Infra red night vision
  6. Pan, tilt and Zoom
  7. Sound level indicator
  8. VOX mode – Easy to use

4) Summer infant dual view baby camera

Summer infant is one of the best known baby monitor maker. This is one of the fine make from Summer infant and a good baby monitoring system with two cameras. You can view the 2 camera images from the monitoring end at once. It is also noted that battery life of this camera is not very great.

  1. Comes with 2 camera and baby monitor
  2. 600 ft range
  3. LCD monitor
  4. Inferred night vision
  5. Pan / Zoom
  6. Can add up to 4 cameras
  7. Split screen
  8. Two way communication

5) Levana Lila digital video baby monitor

This is one of the very cheapest but a good baby monitoring system with two cameras. You can get this system for $140 with discounts. It has all the must have and needed features a baby monitoring system should have, This baby monitor can be get in amazon. Main features of this camera are,

Surveillance Camera Multiple Monitors


Levana LilaMonitor

  1. Two way talk
  2. Color digital monitor
  3. 2 cameras and a parenting unit
  4. 72 Hour battery life
  5. Inferred Night vision
  6. 2.5 inch screen
  7. 500 ft range with 12 ft night vision
Baby MonitorTo buy with discount
Infant Optics DXR- 8 - $270 with extra camera, wide angle lensBuy Infant Optics DXR- with discount!
Motorola baby monitor with 2 camera - $226Motorola Baby Monitor!

These baby monitors comes with 2 cameras, but you also can buy baby monitor with one camera and additonal camera to make it as a system with 2 baby monitors. One of the best example is Infant optics DXR-8 Baby monitoring system (top rated of 2019 ) which you can buy with one camera and get up to 4 additional cameras and view in the same monitoring unit.

Are you specifically looking for a split screen baby monitor? It means, you can view two cameras at the same time on your parent unit, without manually turning on/off. There are only very limited options for split screen baby monitors, as most of them has problems with quality. Most split screen baby monitors are not top rated.

But Baby monitors like infant optics DXR-8 has auto scan feature, which allows you to change camera automatically every 10 second. But still if you are looking for a split screen baby monitor, go through the best split screen baby monitors from new arrivals.

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Multiple Camera Monitor is a multi camera surveillance tool that allows users to monitor unlimited cameras both connected to the PC as well as IP cameras. Multiple Camera Monitor is a central point from which you can observe, take pictures, record video and monitor local connected webcams as well as IP Cameras with the ability to pan, zoom, and tilt when supported by the camera. Multiple Camera Monitor supports video capture devices such as USB/PCI cameras and it allows the user to configure the device settings. Multiple Camera Monitor also supports IP Cameras of a wide range of IP Camera manufacturers and models. Plus Multiple Camera Monitor supports automatic discovery of IP cameras, and it supports IP Cameras that support the ONVIF protocol. Most IP Cameras support the ONVIF protocol and Multiple Camera Monitor allows the user to connect to these cameras. Multiple Camera Monitor can also pick up MJPEG and JPEG video streams coming from IP Cameras that do not support the ONVIF protocol. Plus Multiple Camera Monitor allows users to connect
directly to a URL. Multiple Camera Monitor allows the user to edit the list of parameters used to
try to connect to IP cameras so if the program does not already support a specific model parametrization the user can manually add them and turn Multiple Camera Monitor compatible with new cameras. With Multiple Camera Monitor the user can do surveillance on an unlimited
number of cameras.
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Supported OS':Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7
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