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Money Money Money

We provide all money services for your personal and business needs

We provide Foreign Money Exchange Services and Cheque Cashing

You can safely and securely transfer money around the world to loved ones for cash pickup or deposit directly into their bank account

We pride ourselves in helping our clients process their transaction swiftly and save money at the same time. Our goal is to make foreign exchange easy for you

At Money Money, you can expect quick, convenient and reliable services combined with excellent rates of exchange.


Every year states receive lost and unclaimed money, property or other assets, and helps them find the rightful owners.

Start your search-and-claim process here, the only site endorsed by the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators.

Money Money Money Song

It costs nothing to search, it's FREE.

Click the map to find contact information for your state or province

Money Money

Conduct your free search for bank accounts, safe deposit box contents, uncashed checks, insurance policies, CDs, trust funds, utility deposits, stocks and bonds, wages and escrow accounts.
If you get a result, claim the property and fill out the requested details, then submit and you will receive instructions on next steps from the state where you made the claim.
Participating states regularly update the assets they have, so check back often.

Money Money Money Abba

Started in 1999, is the only multi-state unclaimed property site endorsed by NAUPA and has often received national recognition.

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