ArKaos MediaMaster Pro 5 License (Boxed)
Introducing MediaMaster Pro 5! Features: 36 Layers, MediaHub for network sharing, LEDMapper 3 with unicast, Lyric Player, Art-Net, Kling-Net, DMX, MIDI and time code. Combining maximum functionality with simplicity of operation, the new ArKaos MediaMaster Pro 5.0 retains the user-friendly and broad functionality that has become the trademark of the ArKaos product range.
The theater mode interface of MediaMaster marks a new phase in software development allowing you to make use of the latest dynamic visual effects combined with an efficient and intuitive library management system and with simple front end control via DMX, MIDI or even a computer keyboard.
MediaMasters' Theater Mode interface allows you to prepare your visual show in the software itself and then simply take control of your visual presets using a few channels on your lighting desk or notes on a MIDI controller.
On top of the Theater Mode, MediaMaster Pro adds a fixture-based operation mode and support for MSEX allowing thumbnails preview and live output to the console screens.
The fixture profiles allows total control of every MediaMaster parameter straight from the DMX console and turns any powerful computer into a traditional Media Server for professional lighting consoles such as ChamSys, Avolites, LSC, ETC, GrandMA, Martin, Compulite, etc..
The MediaHub is a new extension designed to run with MediaMaster Express or MediaMaster Pro. Users can remotely control the content of the MediaMaster Library. It’s designed to run on the network so a light designer in the front of the house can upload, update and delete content on the server located backstage. It’s also ideally designed for rental companies that need to copy, backup and restore libraries when preparing servers for new customers.
The MediaHub can also be used to monitor the performance of a server during a live show to ensure a smooth experience. The final product is an intuitive and powerful interface thanks to the dedication and attention to detail from our developers.
MediaMaster Pro ships with the new Video Mapper Extension which allows easy mapping of video onto irregularly shaped surfaces and through multiple outputs.
Designed to let you setup mapping projects in very short times, it makes it incredibly simple to flow visuals around complex objects with just a few clicks.

Mediamaster Pro Demo

ArKaos Media Master Pro 5 Control Software (License Only) Introducing MediaMaster Pro 5! Features: 36 Layers, MediaHub for network sharing, LEDMapper 3 with unicast, Lyric Player, Art-Net, Kling-Net, DMX, MIDI and time code. A Back Up License works the same as a Full License of MediaMaster PRO. There's no difference in the use of a Full License compared to a Back Up License. The Back Up License is offered to any owner of a MediaMaster PRO License, to be able to have a s. Arkaos MediaMaster Pro v3.2.1 Cracked-RaBBiT keygen and crack were successfully generated. Download it now for free and unlock the. ArKaos MediaMaster Express is an advanced program created to help lighting and video engineers display a complex visual show. ArKaos MediaMaster Pro backup boxed version is a professional software solution for the control of real-time video and effects which is specifically designed for desk operators and lighting designers, and turns any computer into a powerful media server ready to perform at any professional level.

Arkaos Mediamaster Pro

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