The magic icon for hire lyricsDiscover magic iconLight magic iconMagicIF you delete OR rename the icon then everytime you reboot it will either add another icon or replece the one you deleted.
Either run MJ as a service or dont use the CD loader ( you bypass a lifetime of saving splash screen) and I think it actually loads faster.
Here is how : This NOT mine, I saw it on here, saved it and it worked for me!
Install Startup Control Panel then run the application.
You can find the link in the control panel, it will be called Startup.
I had to switch to classic view to find it.
After starting the program click on the HKCU / Run tab.
You need to uncheck cdloader which is what normally starts magicjack.
Next click on the HKLM / Run tab.
Right click anywhere in the box and select 'New'.
On the line for Program name you can type what you like.
I typed 'Magicjack Quick Start' on mine.
On the line for the programs pathcut and paste the following:
'C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorApplication DatamjusbspmagicJack.exe' /foreground /scf _magicJackPersonalDataRoot 'I:magicJack'
Use everything including the quotes.
My magicjack's drive was letter I. If yours is different then change the 'I' in the path to what ever your drive letter is.
If you don't know which drive is correct drive, right click on the drive and click explore. It will be the drive with the file that is named 'do not use this drive'. Then click OK.
Make sure you have a check in the box in front of the key you just created then click the 'x' on the top right corner to close the program.
THATS IT!!!!!!
Reboot and see if it works for you.....
I'm using Windows XP. If you are using Vista then I believe the path will be slightly different. Do a search in the forum and you will find the correct path.
Enjoy the quicker startup.
I'm not sure but I believe this also keeps magic jack from rewriting the files on every startup....
Joe Sica

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