MacCheck provides quick access to a collection of standard tests that you can run on your machine in order to detect possible issues and take the necessary steps to protect your data. You need to enable JavaScript to run this app. MacCheck does basic a basic evaluation of your Mac - scanning some common problem areas, including system errors, memory and internal hard drives. For more advanced testing, consider TechTool Pro. Need to know how to find a file path on Mac? In this article, we look at how to find and copy the file path on Mac. We’ll also cover quick shortcuts you can use to reveal a file location.

Unfortunately you get what you pay for with this App. Speed that it runs hardware tests, it make it seem very cursory to me and it may be limited to finding only major issues which are likely tp make themselves evident in some manner before running the test. The results from the tests seem quite limited and they give me a feeling that they are not likely to pinpoint the location of the exact error such is indicating which memory card has gone bad as many of other memory tests often do. It is not possible to select a particular test to be run. It has to be all or nothing. The bar indicator seems to be a poor indication of the actual time it takes to run all the tests. With my tests the progress went to around 75% during the first 5 minutes and hung there for over 30 minutes which it check my backup drives which are 2TB each. After 20 minutes of testing the progress bar did not budge beyond the 75% mark. The program will totally freeze your machine while testing your primary drive. Nothing will respond, not even force quit. The only extits from this state are either to wait until it has finished checking your primary drive, or shut the machine down with the power button, or pull the plug or battery. Drive tests seem to be very slow, even for 2TB drives which would naturally take longer. While this test might have value for computer users that are not particularly computer literate, but just know how to use the Apps they need to use, I do not fined it that useful for those that are more knowledgeable about computer workings and are seeking a tool that will provide relevant information that will lead the user to the precise issue. For this function I feel there are far more useful tools for this purpose, with some of them being totally free. So if you are looking for an app that will give you a simple yes or no to if your computer is running correctly this tool might suit your needs. Otherwise I would suggest looking for another product.Given the concerns about registering to us the app, which in this age seems to be a quite valid concern, I have a suggestion for this concern. What I have done is created a 'junk' email account on gmail, with a 'dummy' name' and physical location and supply it with just enough information, often false, to created the account. that is the email address I use when I have privacy concerns or junk mail concerns. The only time I actually send anything out of that email address is to verify that I wanted to create an account for the website in question. Other than that I never monitor the email address and only log into it on a monthly or longer basis just to clear out any emails in mass, without reading them to clean out the account for new ones. That usually takes less than 5 minutes to trash dozens to hundreds of messages. Because of the way I use it, I assume anything sent to it is junk and does not need to be read. This gives me access to the site or App without revealing any personal information. Doing this has proven to be a timesaver and reduce the proliferation of junk mail in my main account.

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