The latest version is MacBooster 8 and the screenshots you see below will look differently. MacBooster combines quite a few different functions into a single app — hoping to add value with the so-called “all-in-one” concept, this is not rare in the software industry. MacBooster 6 is a no-brainer to customize. Just go to Preferences and navigate to the tab associated with the settings you would like to tweak. These tabs include General, MacBooster Mini, Tools, Security Risks, System Junk, and Ignore List. A good idea is to go toggle stuff on or off to personalize the app once you start using it. What makes MacBooster so special and unique, is that it provides all innovative utilities and security software for superior PC performance and security. It means that MacBooster coupon codes will help you save money on nearly everything it has. MacBooster is a Mac maintenance tool developed by IObit. It was released first in October 2013, when IObit renamed their existing Advanced MacCare product to MacBooster 1.0.

MacBooster is a multiuse software suite that includes a collection of utility tools. While skilled and experienced Mac users might prefer Mac’s own system utilities, MacBooster can help less confident users free up disk space and keep their systems free from temporary files. It claims to provide real-time protection, clean your system of unnecessary files to free up space on your drive.

MacBooster’s Features


MacBooster boasts several speed-up utilities that increase your system’s performance. Designed to be a one-stop Mac utility software for cleaning files and identifying security risks, it features a collection of tools, like the Duplicate Finder and Photo Sweeper. iObit’s MacBooster comes with an interactive interface which makes it simple to purge your system of unnecessary data, uninstall unwanted apps, find and eliminate malware, and maximize disk space by removing large and duplicate files.

MacBooster’s Pros

  • Scans your system fairly fast
  • Scans for viruses and malware
  • Is simple get a hang of

MacBooster’s Cons

  • Offers very limited buyer support
  • The browser cleaning function only covers a few popular ones
  • Steep pricing
  • Trial allows scanning only
  • Interface elements are designed to intimidate the user with warnings and big numbers
  • Most featured are reskinned options provided built into macOS

Using iObit MacBooster

At first glance, MacBooster creates an impression of a do-it-all app that actually has some unique features. Unfortunately, this feeling quickly proves to be deceptive. After downloading a trial version and running a few scans, iObit’s optimization apps shows large numbers and numerous warning urging you to clean your computer. These numbers are followed by bold statements that are meant to intimidate the user and push one to buy a full app.


The trial version, unlike much of Macbooster’s competition, gives you next to no information about the files you have to delete and neither does it provide you with the ability of cleaning things out.

To top it off, some feature names are straight up misguiding. Take Turbo Boost for example. If you are even occasionally keeping up with what’s going on in the world of tech, your first reference will be to Intel’s Turbo boost technology, that literally boosts your CPU clock speed. What iObit calls Turbo Boost in reality is nothing like Intel’s. All it does it remove cache which and lets apps rebuilt new once. While it may make subjective difference, but it’s stretching it to call it Turbo Boost.

MacBooster’s Pricing

As it’s already been mentioned, MacBooster has a free trial version, but you will have to purchase a license to get any functionality beyond scanning. MacBooster is available in the following versions and at the following prices:

  • The Lite version has a one-time purchase price of $39.95 (a $49.95 value) for use with a single Mac and provides bare minimum functionality.
  • The Standard version covers up to 3 Mac computers for $59.95 (a $109.95 value) and includes virus protection and privacy sweeper
  • The Premium version covers as many as 5 Mac computers for $89.95 (a $177.95 value) and tops off the standard package with 24/7 priority customer support

How to Uninstall MacBooster

If trial version did not meet your expectations or you’ve decided to swap MacBooster for a different maintenance app, you can follow these simple steps to remove iObit’s utility from your Mac.

MacBooster removal can be made simple with the help of its own intuitive uninstaller that is, for some reason, located in the Help menu. To use it:

  • Start MacBooster
  • Click on Help in the menu bar up top
  • Select Uninstall MacBooster
  • Confirm by clicking Yes in the pop-up window

Macbooster 4 Activation Key

Unlike “utility apps” malware, iObit’s MacBooster comes with bundled uninstaller and makes it easy to opt out of the application at any time.

Macbooster Tnt

Is MacBooster Safe?

Despite MacBooster’s questionable feature naming, suspicious numbers and shady explanations, it can be considered safe and malware-free. Be careful, though, to only download the MacBooster app from its own site. Downloading MacBooster from an unauthorized third-party download site may cause it to be bundled with other unethical software that could endanger your Mac. Getting software directly from its original site or from the App Store is always a good idea, anyway.

The Bottom Line

MacBooster is a snappy, easy-to-use app if you can get past some of its ambivalent features and pricing policy. It covers the core features that a decent maintenance application should have and comes with a comfort of having native Mac features conveniently reskinned and packaged within a single app (e.g. real-time RAM monitoring). If you know your way around a Mac, can filter Macbooster’s cleaning suggestions, and don’t mind paying a premium for it, then this app may have place on your Mac. All in all, there are more transparent and user friendly apps to choose from for the money.

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