Jul 24, 2019 NOTE, Apple released TWO different 10.14.6 Supplemental Updates, one on Aug 1, and another on Aug 26, 2019. To confuse matters, both share the exact same name, and the download link is the same (basically they slipped streamed the second update in). My keyboard was also locked. Is the '9' light on at the top? If so this is what I did after talking to those idiots at Dell like 12 thousand times.

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Test all keys on your keyboard with this easy-to-use website. Works with any keyboard and any browser. Simply press any key to test it. Download KeyboardLocker free. Disables keyboard until exit phrase entered, mouse remains active. Simply run that keyboardlocker. This is the best and also a free alternative for windows 10 cursors. 2 Items 9 Mobs and entities 10 Achievements 11 History Add-ons Has official Check out the products mentioned in this article: Windows 10 (From 9. Now, extract the contents of the zip file, it will provide you some images and an.

One of the most important components of your PC can be a nuisance in case you have a pet which likes jumping towards your keyboard or a child who might just type in random gibberish while you’re away.

The scarier part would be if an important message/mailing thread is open and that gibberish ends up in there.

Free Keyboard Locker

But there is an easy way to prevent this from happening whenever you’re away from your keyboard by locking it via a customised keyboard shortcut and unlocking it the same way.

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All it requires is the Keyboard Locker app by HowToGeek, which is a modified version of AutoHotKey script by Lexikos.

Here is How to Get Started

Download the Keyboard Locker and Unzip files from the folder at your desired location.

You’ll see a number of icon files, a text document, a .akh script file and a .exe application file — the latter two are the more important ones.

If you don’t have AutoHotKey installed, go for the ‘Keyboardlocker.exe’ application file, which is a standalone program enabling you to lock and unlock the keyboard.

Once the Keyboard Locker is activated, an icon will appear in the taskbar app icon tray.

Keyboard Locker Exe

Keyboard locker.exe

To lock a keyboard after running the application, you’ll need to press ‘CTRL+ALT+L’ and the icon will change.

To unlock, you’ll have to type ‘unlock’ from the locked keyboard. Sometimes unlocking can take several seconds, so no need to panic, your keyboard will unlock eventually.

If you already have AutoHotKey installed, you can just run the ‘.ahk’ script. More so, people familiar with the AutoHotKey can edit the script to create custom shortcuts for locking and unlocking the keyboard.

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Once locked, all the keys on the keyboard including Caps, Num Lock and media keys are disabled but combinations such as ‘CTRL+ALT+DELETE’ and ‘Win+L’ will still work.

You can even opt to be notified when you lock or unlock the keyboard with a balloon notification above the tray. Simply, right-click on the Keyboard Locker icon and click on ‘Show tray notifications’.

Keyboard Locker Software

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