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Software Download Link: Page: Group: https://web.facebook.com/groups/25. How to Download YouTube Videos with KeepVid.Pro Powerful KeepVid free online video downloader offers free downloading service. You can use YouTube downloader to handle YouTube video.

Try our free web based lite-weight app

Finally, it's here. Keepvid is now a free web-based app. It's light-weight and takes very little space on your device. It's full of features as much as the website is. It has Youtube search and can convert videos to mp3, on top of normal video downloads, of course. It's a nice app, it will never require any updates, as it will automatically update when our website is updated. Try it out, it works best on Android and Windows devices, when installed using Chrome browser.


Install Free Web App

In case this button doesn't activate anything for you, try looking into browser's menu for 'Add to Home Screen' option. Some browsers hide it in a submenu. Some companies (like Apple) simply do not allow browsers to add apps to home screen, unless its Safari browser, and even there you need to press Share and find it as one of the displayed options. Finally, check for the app not only on your device's Home screen, but also in your Apps section, some devices install our webapp in there, instead of usual Homescreen. Still no help? Then try our home-made bookmarklet that also helps speed things up a bit. Read more below.

KeepVid Tips about How to Watch and Download Videos in the Market

There are many video sharing sites in the market. KeepVid learns from their website descriptions that these websites allow you to download videos and watch them offline. In this part, KeepVid will introduce you the top sites to watch and download videos.

Note: Using these downloaders to download copyright-protected videos or the videos without permissions may put you into risks. KeepVid suggests you download videos legally in accordance with the related terms and conditions.

KeepVid Ideas about Top 3 Sites to Watch and Download Videos

1. YouTube

YouTube.com is a video sharing website that can help you to watch and download videos. KeepVid thinks that this website is undoubtedly the first choice when you want to watch and download videos.

Keepvid Pro For Mac

2. Vimeo

Keepvid Download


According to the description from this site, KeepVid thinks this online video sharing site is also helpful. With this site, KeepVid believes that you can watch and download videos with easy process.

3. Lynda.com

Keepvid Pro Apk

Lynda.com is a video sharing site, and it provides video download features as well. But KeepVid knows that you’ll have to pay for subscription before you can save the videos for offline enjoyment.

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