• JustPlay is a clever keyword for Google to pick up but there are so many companies that have already figured that. Search engines are full of brands of many kinds that are called Just Play. Until JustPlay, the slots developer, has established itself a little more, it's going to be competing for online attention with soccer schemes, games stores.
  • The App is an offer to present further gaming applications of JustPlay GmbH (hereinafter the “ Preset Apps ”) and enables the User to participate in a reward or bonus programme for the active use of the Preset Apps.

JustPlay originated with the vision to simplify the sports booking process and connect like-minded individuals. We set the goal to give people more time to enjoy their daily lives and keep an active and healthy lifestyle even under time pressure. We use technology as a tool to make sport accessible to all, yet we understand it is the experiences our customers perceive in the sports venue that will shape their feelings and emotions.


We create eSports games that everyone can play! Come play with us. We’re looking for talented and motivated individuals who believe in our vision to help bring people closer together in fun and engaging ways!


As a result, we seek to offer the facilities and services that create a memorable experience in the eyes of the customer. In addition to booking hourly timeslots of sport venues, we also offer value add-ons and tools to meet the demands of a complete leisure service. Through our web application, it is very easy for customers to select a sport of their interest, pick their preferred venue, and include add-ons such as a ball boy, instructor, refreshments or equipment. Thereupon, they can directly invite their friends or create a public game to find new teammates. There will no longer be an obstacle preventing someone to play their preferred sport, when and where they want.

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