JSON2Swift is a code generator which generates modern Swift 3 code of models from JSON. It is straightforward and easy to use. The minimum required input is a JSON text(or URL) and the name of generated model. It also provide full support for customisation. By using it, it generates hundreds of lines code, saving you. Json2swift auto convert json string to swift struct.

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Ever since Swift was first released there has been an endless stream of new libraries to simplify writing Swift code that consumes JSON data. Since this is such a common and tedious aspect of developing apps, it’s an important topic to many Swift developers. In the Swift projects I’ve worked on, we have naturally gravitated toward an implementation pattern quite similar to the approach that Apple advocates. This style does not make use of a third-party library, and is reasonably simple and effective.

Regardless of which approach you take to writing code to consume JSON you still must spend time writing, testing, and fixing code. And let’s face it, writing code to turn JSON into data objects is grunt work. Boring, error-prone, grunt work. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

That’s why I created json2swift; a command line tool that writes your Swift code for you. You provide it with a sample of the JSON data your app consumes, it generates all the Swift code needed to consume that data. You just drop the generated Swift files into your project, rename and rearrange the shiny new code to your heart’s content, and move on to more interesting tasks.

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But what about all those sweet JSON libraries that help you write code to turn JSON into Swift objects? Where do they fit in?

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A fellow named Vivien recently opened an issue in my json2swift Github repository to ask what I thought about adding support for generating Swift code that uses the popular Unbox JSON library. I understood what he meant, but not why he would ask for such a thing. After a brief discussion, he and I came to an agreement that if you use json2swift there’s no need to continue using a third-party library to turn JSON into Swift data objects. There’s certainly no reason for the tool to generate code that uses a third-party JSON API!

For developers who are not accustomed to working with code generation tools, it might take some getting used to. Think about it this way…

Json Swift

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If JSON libraries are a way to make yourself run faster; json2swift is a race car.

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