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The IRIS DMC offers a wide array of online tools for interrogating our data holdings and generating files in a number of formats. IRIS DMC has been certified as a trustworthy data repository by the CoreTrustSeal Standards and Certification Board. Please reschedule your appointment or change it to a telehealth appointment if you are COVID-19 known positive, have a household contact positive, awaiting test results, or known exposure.


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Iris Ceramics U.S., a division of Stonepeak Ceramics, Inc., was established in December 2004 as an American division to deliver U.S.-made products to the flooring industry and to promote Iris Ceramica Group products throughout the nation. With a corporate office based in Anaheim, California and production in Tennessee, Iris Ceramics U.S. can domestically produce and ship material all over the U.S., selling not only American-made products, but also having the ability to sell a majority of the diverse Iris Ceramica Group products, which enables them to effectively accommodate all requests of sizes, textures, and designs, for interior and exterior, residential and commercial applications.

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