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Instashare is a drag-and-drop file transfer utility.


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Get the most of your Instagram Bio Link. Create shorted links, unique biolink pages and get proper statistics of your visitors. InstaShare is the software designed for seamless wireless presentation and collaboration that ensures smooth streaming of both audio files and Full HD videos. Users can also mirror and control all digital content across the devices including BenQ IFPs, PCs, tablets, and smartphones, empowering contributors to enrich their sessions with a variety of multimedia resources. Instashare for iOS. View more Download. Instashare for Mac. View more Download. Instashare for Android. View more Download. Instashare for Windows. View more Download.

Instashare 2

  • Simple File Sharing - You don't need to be tech-savvy to share files.
  • Works Without Internet - You don't need to be connected to Internet, just use local Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to transfer file.
  • Simple to Use - No need to pair devices or setup transfer. Designed for quick and easy file sharing.
  • Clipboard Transfer - Stop retyping long URL's and so on. Just copy it and transfer it in few seconds. Drag clipboard item and drop it on device, it will be automatically copied to clipboard on device.
  • No Registration - Just open app and start sharing files, no need to enter email or passwords.
  • No File-Type Limits - You can transfer any file type, no restrictions. MP3, images, PDF, presentation, and way more.
  • Secure - Files are transferred only between your devices, without making copy somewhere in cloud.
  • Supports Older Devices - You don't need to use latest device or OS available, works with older systems as well, from iOS 5, iPad 1, and iPhone 3GS.
  • Download Mobile Apps for Free - OS X and Android version available from
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