Vigilance Elite owned by former Navy SEAL and CIA contractor Shawn Ryan is a veteran owned company. We are an online tactical training and apparel company with a twist of humor. Our mission is to provide tactical knowledge and promote other veteran businesses to everyday people in a fun way. The iGLANCE project intends to address is the transmission of the autostereoscopic data through a bandwidth limited channel, while maintaining an image that does not contain significant image artifacts, like e.g. Visible disocclusions. Index Terms— Three-dimensional displays, Stereo vision, Biomedical imaging, HDTV, Interpolation 1. It is now possible to open the preferences of the app using iGlance Preferences in the app menu or by pressing CMD +, while the iGlance window is active; Bug fixes: Fixed a bug that would show the wrong available memory in the menu of the memory menu bar item; Fixed a bug that would cause the app to freeze after waking the machine from sleep.

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iGlance Dashboard

A Comprehensive view of Everything

Iglance Systems Llp

IGlance is a small system monitor that displays current stats about your Mac on the menu bar. It is built to be highly customizable so that everyone can adjust it. Quality Tech Reviews and Gameplay We do unboxing and review some great tech. From smartphones to laptops to household tech we have it. Check out our website where we publish tech reviews, issue.

iGlance Dashboard on VMS

For enterprises running business across a wide landscape, it becomes a pain in the neck to manage a large group of cameras scattered around. Now, a graphic-based 'Dashboard' that visualizes every system statuses with graphs is here to ease the pain. Pies and bars let you draw conclusions quickly and provides clues that words can't. When dealing with massive data, graphics particularly show trends, gaps, and clusters.

For large projects like enterprises, government, or smart cities, iGlance Dashboard can substantially reduce the costs and labours for system maintenance and data analytics, while at the same time improves the institutions' services. For example, for a metropolitan police department, video system combining Big Data will help pinpointing crime hotspots based on where, what, and when a case was reported, and thus helps city police determine where to step up the search, inspection, or roadside check.


By using a new architecture, GVD brings an 'iGlance' Dashboard to the VMS to quantify the video system's health, recording status, and number of recording days with statistics and various charts.

System iGlance

The System iGlance quickly sketches overall system statuses, including NVR Status, channel video connection status, and video recording status. Also, it auto runs graphs, such as the Channel Status Graphs, to form the images of overall channel status and lists, such as the Comprehensive Channel Status List, that breaks down every channel name and ID, recording status, video motion status, and the time last seen video-loss.

Every 60 seconds, the System iGlance auto updates these statistics: Numbers of the currently on-line but non-responsive NVRs, recording and not recoridng channels, as well as the numbers of 'video-OK' and video-loss channels. A circle graph will also show to visualize how big the number of abnormal NVRs is in the system. When the mouse pointer is moved over the graph, more details become viewable.

Key data in the past seven days are summarized in bar charts, including daily alarm numbers and hourly alarm numbers. Different colors are for bars to represent different types of alarms, including: video-loss alarms, video motion alarms, CPU overheat alarms, and HDD repository damage alarms.

Every 60-second update


  • NVR status, including online and offline NVRs
  • Camera channel video connection, including video-ok and video-loss
  • Video recording status, including recording, and not recording.
  • Numbers of camera channels that are video-OK, video-loss, recording, and not recording.

Weekly key data in bars

  • Daily numbers of alarms in the past 7 days
  • Numbers of alarms by-type in the past 7 days
  • Hourly numbers of video-loss alarms in the past 7 days
  • Hourly numbers of video-motion alarms in the past 7 days

Application iGlance

The Application iGlance is another type of iGlance that GVD VMS features. Unlike System iGlance, which reads data from system devices, the Application iGlance interprets the data from an sophisticated application, such as License-Plate Recognition, Facial Recognition, or POS on a business floor.

Glance Software

Application iGlance helps you know your customers better. By analyzing shopper dwell time, dwelt shelves, and shopped items, the Application iGlance helps you discover what customers like and dislike and predict what they are going to buy before walking out. So the next time they walk in, you only have to present what they are going to buy to them. With a little adjustment to your services or shelves, maybe you can sell more, and with some lucks, maybe workforce can be reduced.

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