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Cursor pointer

Icursor Windows

Cursory definitionICursor

Mac OS X Cursor Set by lilDavid. Cursors used on Mac OS X. Now people are going to think that my pc is a mac book pro. If you guys enjoyed the video be sure to subscribe and like!Discord: here: - https://.



InsertCursor establishes a write cursor on a feature class or table. InsertCursor can be used to add new rows.


When using InsertCursor on a point feature class, creating a PointGeometry and setting it to the [email protected] token is a comparatively expensive operation. Instead, define the point feature using tokens such as [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] for faster, more efficient access.

Opening simultaneous insert and/or update operations on the same workspace using different cursors requires the start of an edit session.

Cursor Pointer

arcpy.da.InsertCursor should not to be confused with arcpy.InsertCursor.




ParameterExplanationData Type

The feature class, layer, table, or table view.


A list (or tuple) of field names. For a single field, you can use a string instead of a list of strings.

Use an asterisk (*) instead of a list of fields if you want to access all fields from the input table (raster and BLOB fields are excluded). However, for faster performance and reliable field order, it is recommended that the list of fields be narrowed to only those that are actually needed.

Raster fields are not supported.

Additional information can be accessed using tokens (such as [email protected]) in place of field names:

Polygon, polyline, or multipoint features can only be created using the [email protected] token.

[email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] tokens were made available at ArcGIS 10.1 Service Pack 1.



PropertyExplanationData Type

A tuple of field names used by the cursor.

The tuple will include all fields (and tokens) specified by the field_names argument. If the field_names argument is set to '*', the fields property will include all fields used by the cursor. When using '*', geometry values will be returned in a tuple of the x,y-coordinates (equivalent to the [email protected] token).


Method Overview

insertRow (row)

Inserts a row into a table.


ParameterExplanationData Type

A list or tuple of values. The order of values must be in the same order as specified when creating the cursor.

When updating fields, if the incoming values match the type of field, the values will be cast as necessary. For example, a value of 1.0 to a string field will be added as '1.0', and a value of '25' added to a float field will be added as 25.0.

Return Value

Icursor Download

Data TypeExplanation

insertRow returns the objectid of the new row.

Code Sample

Cursor Download

Using InsertCursor to insert new rows into a table.

Use InsertCursor with the [email protected] token to add point features to a point feature class.

Use InsertCursor with the [email protected] token to add a new feature using a geometry object.

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