Username/Email is required. Login to IBackup. IBackupBot for iTunes πŸ‘ (iBackupBot.exe) free download, latest version 8.0.0, πŸ’Ύ iBackupBot for iTunes is a smart utility designed to help users browse, view, export and edit the backup files that are automatically created by iTunes. This way, every user who owns an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch can manage Apple mobile device backups. IBackupBot for Windows, Free Download by VOWSoft, Ltd. You can restore iPhone/iPad/iPod Data from old backup files in iTunes. IBackupBot, also named as iBackupBot for iTunes is a tool that helps you browse, view, export and edit files backed up to iTunes. In other words, iBackupBot is the iTunes and iOS manager, which lets you access iTunes and manage iOS data on the computer.

Since the launch of a new iOS this year i.e. iOS 13, there has been questions of how to backup iTunes for the new version. However, the solution lies with an iTunes backup manager like iBackupBot iOS 12/13. Although, iBackupBot iOS 12/13 is not the only solution available, there is a better alternative which would be explained later in this article.

The purpose of getting an iTunes backup manager cannot be overemphasized, especially when there is a new version of iOS which is different from previous ones.

iBackupBot -iTunes Backup Manager for iPhone iOS 12/13

IBackupBot iOS 12/13 is simply a tool used by iTunes that allows you to browse, export, view, as well as edit certain files that have been backed up to iTunes. It is an iTunes backup manager that gives you access to certain files not on your iPhone but that are available or backed up on iTunes.

Asides doing those above, iBackupBot support all iDevices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. and can work with private data such as text messages, call history, voicemails, etc. It removes a single call history as well as an email address which has been recently used from your iPhone.


  • iBackupBot iOS 12/13 backs up useful data from your iPhone to iTunes and then to your PC.
  • It allows you to perform certain operations on your PC like editing address book.
  • It supports transferring data which is iOS-based from one device to another, e.g. from one iPhone to another.


  • IBackupBot collapses when connecting iPhone 7 with the new iOS version (iOS 12/13).

Steps on how to use iBackupBot iOS 12/13:

Step 1: Firstly, you have to download iBackupBot to your Windows or Mac-supported PC, then install and run the program.
Step 2: Connect your iOS device like your iPhone to the PC, ensuring automatic synchronization of iTunes has been disabled before making this connection. It is very important.
Step 3: There is a backup at the left side on the screen of the PC, click on it to view files on the device. These files will be shown on the right side of the screen.
Step 4: Click on the main menu and navigate to β€œPlugin”, then β€œmessages or notes or contacts”, depending on what you want to view. To save this information or data as a text or Excel file, click on β€œExport”.
Step 5: Lastly after exporting and saving this information, click on β€œBackup” on the left side of the screen and select β€œmain menu”, then β€œFile” and finally β€œRestore”. When you click on β€œRestore”, information saved as text or Excel file becomes backed up to your device (iPhone).

Better Alternative Backup Manager for iPhone iOS 12/13

iMyFone TunesMate is an alternative tool for iBackupBot iOS 12/13 as an iTunes backup manager. This backup tool has 6 modules either as Windows or Mac version for your PC which can be selected from the main interface. With the help of TunesMate, you can freely transfer your media files to and from your iPhone, iTunes and your computer. It supports a two-way transfer to make it easier for you to manage your music, videos, playlist, ringtones and even your apps. It would be easier for you if you want to back up your music or videos to iTunes or computer, or transfer some new music to your iPhone.

Key Features(iOS 12 Supported):

  • Manage your media files including; music, photos, videos, applications, etc.
  • Transfer between iTunes and iOS, as well as iOS and computer.
  • It can overcome iTunes limitations and bugs and make the transfer and backup process easier.
  • It can even help you make your own ringtones and manage your third-party apps.

What can iMyFone TunesMate do for you?

  1. 1-Click Transfer: This is possible on the home interface. IMyFone TunesMate ensures you make a connection between your device and your PC via a USB cable. Once this connection has been made successfully, three 1-Click functions come up. These three 1-Clicks allow you to; transfer iDevice media to iTunes, transfer iTunes media to iDevice and Backup photos to computer. Hence, with just one click, transfer is made possible through any of the 3 ways.
  2. Transfer & Manage Music: All audio contents like Podcasts, Music, etc. on your iPhone for example will be managed under a β€œPlaylist”. With the aid of the music module on the main interface, you can transfer this playlist to your iTunes library or iPhone, iPad, etc.
  3. Transfer & Manage Photos: All photo contents like camera roll on your device can be managed and backed up to your computer ensuring that you manage device storage by having them deleted but stored somewhere else.
  4. Transfer & Videos: All video contents of all sorts on your iDevice can be transferred successfully to iTunes. This allows you to manage videos on your device and at the same time have them backed up on iTunes or even your pc.

In conclusion, the most popular iTunes backup manager; iBackupBot iOS 12/13 has been explained above but a better alternative like iMyFone TunesMate is everything you need for the new version of iOS (iOS 12/13). The tool makes it easy for you to backup data through easy navigation and allows you to transfer data as well as manage space simultaneously.

Summary: iBackupBot is the iTunes helper to help you view and export SMS messages, notes, and contacts, and also help you backup and restore the data to iPhone iPad and iPod. However, this tool is not ideal for everyone. In this page, we will collect iBackupBot reviews and its alternatives to help you to manage iPhone iPad and iPod data.

Part 1. What is iBackupBot for iTunes?

What is iBackupBot? What can you use iBackupBot to do?

iBackupBot, also named as iBackupBot for iTunes is a tool that helps you browse, view, export and edit files backed up to iTunes. In other words, iBackupBot is the iTunes and iOS manager, which lets you access iTunes and manage iOS data on the computer. This iTunes helper can handle with text messages, notes, call history, contact favorites, voicemail and widget settings and more.

So let's conclude what iBackupBot can do for you:

  • Browse through all backup files on iTunes.
  • View, edit and export your files (text, SMS messages, notes, call history, address book, media, voice memp, vociemail, photos, app files and more).
  • Transfer app data files from backup to iPad, iPhone or iPod touch directly;
  • Remove a single call history record from your devices.
  • Remove recent email address.
  • And more.

Part 2. How to use iBackupBot?

Here you could learn from the following steps to use iBackupBot.

Step 1Download iBackupBot to your computer (Windows and Mac are supported), install and run it. Connect your iOS device to computer. But before the connection, you should disable automatic synchronization of iTunes.

Step 2Click a backup in the left pane, and it will show system files that belong to the device in the right pane.

Step 3Select the main menu > 'Plugin' > 'Messages/Notes/Contacts' > Click 'Export' to save them as text file and Excel file.

Step 4Select a backup in the left pane, select main menu > 'File' > 'Restore' to restore the backup to your iPhone or iPod.

Part 3. iBackupBot review

iBackupBot does more for you to manage iTunes and iOS data. Now let's check the review of iBackupBot.


  • 1. It is useful to backup iPhone iPad and iPod data from iTunes to computer.
  • 2. It is easy to edit the address book on computer.
  • 3. It can be as the iOS transfer to move data from backup to another iOS device.
  • 4. View iTunes backup on computer.


  • 1. It cannot transfer data between iOS devices.
  • 2. The software always collapses when connecting iPhone 7 with iOS 12.
  • 3. It comes to be an error when restore the password-encrypted backup.
  • 4. The interface comes not to be friendly for text description.

Part 4. iBackupBot alternatives

When you are tired of iBackupBot, just try the iBackupBot alternatives to help you manage iTunes and iOS data.

FoneLab - iTunes viewer and extractor

FoneLab - iPhone Data RecoveryFor Mac
  • Recover data from iPhone, iTunes backup and iCloud backup.
  • Support all iOS device & version.
  • Easy to use and professional.

Check why FoneLab is better than iBackupBot:

iBackupBot alternative - View iTunes backup on PC

Run this software on your computer, click 'iPhone Data Recovery' > Select one iTunes backup file to scan > Scan your iOS device.

Ibackupbot Pc

All data types (Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Photo Library, App Photos, App Videos, App Audio, Messages, Message Attachments, Contacts, Call History, Voimcemail, WhatsApp, WhatsApp Attachments, Notes, Reminders, Voice Memos, Safari History/Bookmark, and App Document) on iTunes will be listed on the left pane.

Click one data type to view the details on the right list.

iBackupBot alternative - Export iTunes backup

After viewing the details, you can checkmark the items that you want to export or backup, click 'Recover' to export the iTunes backup data to your computer.

View/export the deleted data on iTunes

This point is what iBackupBot miss to view/export deleted data on iTunes.

The items from the preview window marked as red are the deleted ones on your iPhone when you synced to iTunes.

iBackupBot alternative - Backup and restore iOS data

Ibackupbot mac

Run FoneLab on your computer, click the main menu and select 'iOS Data Backup & Restore' > Connect your iOS device > Select the backup option > Scan your iPhone iPad or iPod to backup or restore your device.

FoneTrans - iOS transfer and backup helper

From the review of iBackupBot, you will find iBackupBot also miss the point of transferring data between iOS device. So here we recommend you FoneTrans to assist you transfer data between iSO devices.

FoneTransFor Mac
  • It lets you view and back up data from iOS device to iTunes or PC/Mac.
  • It transfers contacts, photos, music, movies, etc. between iPhone/iPad and iPod.
  • This iTunes sync alternative enables you to add photos, music, etc. from computer to iOS device.
  • De-duplicate contacts and edit contacts from iPhone on computer directly without iTunes.
  • Automatically convert video and audio to be compatible formats for iPhone iPad iPod.

Transfer data from/to iOS device to/from computer

Run this program on your computer, and connect your iOS device to computer with USB cable.

All data on your iOS device will be displayed on the left pane, and select the data click 'Export' > 'Export to' PC/Another iOS device.

Backup iOS to iTunes

Click 'Export' > 'Export to iTunes' to backup iPhone iPad or iPod data to iTunes directly.

Manage iOS data on computer

Click 'Contacts' on the left pane to delete, add, edit or de-duplicate contacts, which can be the iBackupBot substitute.

You can take the two iBackupBot alternatives to manage your iTunes backup freely as you like.

Ibackupbot App

Conclusion: This post focuses on the iBackupBot introduction and its alternatives to facilitate your life.

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