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  • What is SONiC?
    Software for Open Networking in the Cloud (SONiC), an open source network operating system built by Microsoft for their Azure cloud platform for scale-out performance networking. Built using the Switch Abstraction Interface (SAI), SONiC has innovated the networking space by breaking monolithic switching software operations into multiple containerized microservices. SONiC simplifies switch programming and offers operators independent control to build flexible, application specific hardware platforms that meet their specific and/or evolving IT needs. As an extensible platform built for containerization, SONiC can be easily augmented with third-party components and software, delivering virtually endless capabilities that serve a range of needs from SMBs to hyperscale data centers. SoftIron’s HyperSwitch creates a specialized hardware environment aimed at delivering the full power, performance, and scalability that SONiC has become renowned for.
  • What processor does HyperSwitch use?
    HyperSwitch units add power and extensibility by including an AMD EPYC™ Embedded 3000 Processor that can be used flexibly by network operators for network security applications such as firewalls, or for dedicated storage managers, and virtually any other software desired for custom networking operations.
  • What kind of environment is HyperSwitch ideal for?
    HyperSwitch is optimized for the needs of the enterprise data center of the future - which is being faced with the scale-out challenges that come with 5G, IoT, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and more. The HyperSwitch family of switches are purpose built to address next generation network automation, including real-time visibility and switch table state modification for hyperscale data centers. Designed for maximizing price-performance efficiency and reducing TCO using network scale multi-die package technology (with power consumption of less than 150 watts), HyperSwitch is built for large scale service and performance, wire-speed across every port, and simplified core networking functionality that can be customized and easily upgraded or transferred.


The HIPERSWITCH (High Performance Switch) is an ambidextrous short throw safety selector for your AR-15 or AR-10 that is 100% compatible with HIPERFIRE triggers. It features a 60 degree swing between SAFE and FIRE. About get contact. Yet another keyboard window switcher for your Mac. Download Beta Known issues. Previews sometimes don't show up.

  • HyperSwitch is easily configured to each appliance in the rack and is the only ethernet switch built for upload / download equivalency, ensuring wire speed throughput. Having balanced in/out capacity on an optimized TOR switch is the foundation block to achieving facility-wide, wire speed.
  • If you want to isolate network traffic from the management Hyper-V host operating system or other virtual machines that share the same virtual switch, select Enable virtual LAN identification for management operating system.
Hyperswitch vs kingpin

Hyperswitch by AR MAGLOCK

Hyperswitch – (Upgraded Rear Takedown Pin Solution):


** Hyperswitch – is a full open pin solution upgrade recently released by AR MAGLOCK **

** Hyperswitch – allows for easy opening a upper and lower by simply flipping the Hyperswitch, instead of having to pull a rear takedown pin, with one’s fore finger or thumb, then pin will lock back in place once it’s push back into the locked postition **

** Hyperswitch – can be used for those who previously purchased the Gen 1 & Gen 2 AR MAGLOCK systems, as well as, most “fixed-mag” solutions that require you to pull/remove a rear-takedown pin to get full open of upper & lower in order to release the “fixed-mag” **

** Hyperswitch – allows for clear access to the safety selector and can easily be removed from receiver to all for complete takedown **

Ar-15 Hyperswitch

** Pin is made out of stainless (comes in silver) and the head cap is aluminum and comes in black ** (The pin system will look black from the outside of your platform) **

** Easy Install/Generally No Major Modifications – All parts are bolt-on**

Hyperswitch Brew

** Please Note: Part of Installation will require you to replace your exisiting detent pin & detent spring with the one’s provided in the kit **

Hyperswitch Alternative Mac

** Fits best on mil-spec platforms **

** Made in the USA **

Ambidextrous Safety Selector Switch

** Patent Pending **

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