JPlayer 2.9.2 Demos jPlayer as a video player. In this demo jPlayer is combined with HTML and CSS to create a video player. You can easily customise the way it looks and make it fit your pages colours and style. How to download HTML5 Video Player 5.2 – WordPress Plugin? In order to download HTML5 Video Player 5.2 – WordPress Plugin you need to register on the website and top up your points balance. HTML5 video was not as widespread as Flash videos, though there were rollouts of experimental HTML5-based video players from DailyMotion (using Ogg Theora and Vorbis format), YouTube (using the H.264 and WebM formats), and Vimeo (using the H.264 format). Support for HTML5 video.


Compatible with video advertising
industry standards VAST and VPAID

Integrate our WordPress Plugin
and CDN hosted player

Enables easy manipulation of a number
of properties after initialisation


Video streaming support for
MPEG-DASH and HLS streaming protocols

Support for dynamic frontend frameworks
including Vue.js, React and Angular

Html5 video player 1.2 fullHTML5 Video Player 1.2

Player Builder

Use the builder to see how easy it is to customize Fluid Player while seeing your changes in real-time in the video player
on the left, cut and paste the code created in the code generator box below the player to insert into your website

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Html5 video player 1.25

Html5 Flash Player

Demo file The demo file size must be lower than 2MB.


Fluid Player updated to Version 3

Fluid Player, the free, open-source, HTML5 video player has been updated to version 3. The player has undergone a major modernization of the codebase significantly improving code quality and improving the player stability.

Fluid Player adds vr and vpaid features

Microsoft Html5 Video Player Download

Fluid Player, the free, open-source, HTML5 video player has released two new features: VR (virtual reality) support and VPAID (video player ad-serving interface definition) support.


Html5 Flash Player Download

Fluid Player master class #1: how to use the builder

If you are not an expert in writing code, this Master Class will show you how to use the Fluid Player Builder, which allows you to edit some of its key features and automatically generate the code you need to add it to your website.

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