One of the most important and unique configurations in my HomeAssistant is the control panel used for my home theater. Since this is a space that family and friends are frequent fliers, it was important to keep the controls as simple as possible. If you have dabbled in the world of home theater you know its very easy to amass a variety of different controllers and certain nuances related to a setup that do not articulate well to people who do not use the environment every day.

For these reasons, I set out to come up with a solid solution that would be simple to maintain (read: works 95% of the time without intervention) and teach anyone who would be a potential user of the theater.

The star product of my setup is the Logitech Harmony Elite universal remote control. The Harmony allows me to create activity combinations for each source in my AVR and use them on either the projector or TV.

A universal remote control saved my marriage. Okay, I'm exaggerating, but only slightly. My family room sports a 7.1 audio system, an Onkyo TX-NR1007 receiver, a Sony 1080p HDTV, a Blu-ray player. The true magic of a home theater is when everything comes together. With Control4, you make your theater investment worthwhile by removing the complexity of managing it all. Let Control4 take the guesswork out of your theater lighting control. From accents to starlit ceilings, aisle lights to dimmable cans, you’ll set the perfect mood. A solid universal remote consolidates all your home theater hardware controls into one easy-to-grab device, so you can finally shelve the five dog-chewed remotes sitting on your ottoman. This HOME THEATER CONTROLLER app provides easy operation of select Yamaha Home Theater Systems using your Android device. If the app is crashing. Instead of entering codes, you can connect the remote to your home theater components by searching for them in SofaBaton’s app (iOS and Android). Once you’ve selected your component in the app, the.

Home Theater Controlled By Alexa

Without further ado, I present my control panel.


The home page presents the most relevant controls for the media and lights. A user is then able to interact with the Media Mode to select which they would like to use.

Once a Media Output Mode is selected the user is then presented with a variety of actions and sources. The top row of actions will launch the user directly into the corresponding app served up from a NVIDIA Shield. Additionally a the user is presented with a list of sources available for a given output.

Once a source is selected it will update the interface to show the active source and provide a means to control the components with a custom remote panel or more frequently used provide the ability to use the Harmony remote control.

Home Cinema Control Tablet

Finally, the addition of a Power Off button provides for a quick and easy way to power off all of the components when the user is done.

In the next post I will cover more technical aspects of the setup and provide a deeper dive into the configuration needed in Home Assistant to tie all of the configuration together.

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