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abstract class: Handshaker [javadoc source]

Handshaker For Mac


Direct Known Subclasses:
ServerHandshaker, ClientHandshaker

Handshaker For Mac

Handshaker ... processes handshake records from an SSL V3.0data stream, handling all the details of the handshake protocol.Note that the real protocol work is done in two subclasses, the baseclass just provides the control flow and key generation framework.
    author: David - Brownell
Nested Class Summary:
Field Summary

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Method from Summary:
activate, activated, calculateConnectionKeys, calculateKeys, checkThrown, fatalSE, fatalSE, fatalSE, getAccSE, getActiveCipherSuites, getActiveProtocols, getClientVerifyData, getHostAddressSE, getHostSE, getKickstartMessage, getLocalPortSE, getLocalSupportedSignAlgs, getPeerSupportedSignAlgs, getPortSE, getRawHostnameSE, getServerVerifyData, getSession, getTask, handshakeAlert, isDone, isLoopbackSE, isNegotiable, isNegotiable, isSecureRenegotiation, kickstart, newReadCipher, newReadMAC, newWriteCipher, newWriteMAC, processLoop, processMessage, process_record, selectProtocolVersion, sendChangeCipherSpec, setAlgorithmConstraints, setCipherSuite, setEnableSessionCreation, setEnabledCipherSuites, setEnabledProtocols, setHandshakeSessionSE, setIdentificationProtocol, setPeerSupportedSignAlgs, setVersion, started, taskOutstanding, throwSSLException, warningSE

Handshaker Download Mac

Methods from java.lang.Object:
clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait
Method from Detail:
    Prior to handshaking, activate the handshake and initialize the version,input stream and output stream.
    Returns true iff the handshaker has been activated.In activated state, the handshaker may not send any messages out.
    Get the active cipher suites.In TLS 1.1, many weak or vulnerable cipher suites were obsoleted,such as TLS_RSA_EXPORT_WITH_RC4_40_MD5. The implementation MUST NOTnegotiate these cipher suites in TLS 1.1 or later mode.Therefore, when the active protocols only include TLS 1.1 or later,the client cannot request to negotiate those obsoleted ciphersuites. That is, the obsoleted suites should not be included in theclient hello. So we need to create a subset of the enabled ciphersuites, the active cipher suites, which does not contain obsoletedcipher suites of the minimum active protocol.Return empty list instead of null if no active cipher suites.
    Check if the given ciphersuite is enabled and available.Does not check if the required server certificates are available.
    Check if the given protocol version is enabled and available.
    Create a new read cipher and return it to caller.
    Create a new read MAC and return it to caller.
    Create a new write cipher and return it to caller.
    Create a new write MAC and return it to caller.
    Select a protocol version from the list. Called fromServerHandshaker to negotiate protocol version.Return the lower of the protocol version suggested in theclien hello and the highest supported by the server.
    Set the algorithm constraints. Called from the constructor orSSLSocketImpl/SSLEngineImpl.setAlgorithmConstraints() (if thehandshake is not yet in progress).
    Set cipherSuite and keyExchange to the given CipherSuite.Does not perform any verification that this is a valid selection,this must be done before calling this method.
    As long as handshaking has not activated, we canchange whether session creations are allowed.Callers should do their own checking if handshakinghas activated.
    Set the enabled cipher suites. Called fromSSLSocketImpl/SSLEngineImpl.setEnabledCipherSuites() (if thehandshake is not yet in progress).
    Set the enabled protocols. Called from the constructor orSSLSocketImpl/SSLEngineImpl.setEnabledProtocols() (if thehandshake is not yet in progress).
    Set the identification protocol. Called from the constructor orSSLSocketImpl/SSLEngineImpl.setIdentificationProtocol() (if thehandshake is not yet in progress).
    Set the active protocol version and propagate it to the SSLSocketand our handshake streams. Called from ClientHandshakerand ServerHandshaker with the negotiated protocol version.
    Returns true iff the handshaker has sent any messages.
    Throw an SSLException with the specified message and cause.Shorthand until a new SSLException constructor is added.This method never returns.
My review is based on versions up to 2.5.5, which I'm currently using.
I've used this app for 7-8 months and it's been more reliable (most of the time) than other apps I tried which require you to scan a QR code or enter a number code shown on the other device.
The first couple versions were buggy and sometimes wouldn't see my phone at all. It's been better lately, but still often disconnects and requires re-opening HS on the phone/computer/both and/or re-plugging the USB cable to the phone.
The earlier versions had a cleaner GUI, with just transfer abilities.
Now they've added something called 'idea pills,' which I suspect is useless to at least 90% of the people using HS, and I have no need for.
20 minutes ago I connected my phone, opened HS and was notified of an update. I let it download but to install it wanted access to my camera, which it has never needed before. The message said 'Allows the app to take pictures and video with the camera. This permission allows the app to use the camera at any time without your confirmation.'
Maybe that's a standard message displayed when any app needs to access the DCIM>Camera folder. But it's never needed it before to transfer photos or video to/from my Mac. And you must allow it in order to install, so be sure to immediately disable it in Settings>Apps>Handshaker>Permissions.
A previous version requested access to the phone and I disabled that, too.
Oh, no!
I just checked the dev's website and the latest version has begun using QR codes. :-(
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